Atomic Skull Brillian S.T.A.R scientist Albert Michaels was afflicted with a rare neurological disease that resulted in bursts of energy.  When Superman broke up the criminal operations he was used to see a cure, he turned to crime as the Atomic Skull.

Issue Comment Reprinted in
Superman #303 1st Appearance of Albert Michaels  
Superman #304    
Superman #310    
Superman #316-7    
Superman #323-24 1st Appearance of Michaels as the Atomic Skull, origin revealed, vs. Superman  
Superman #331 Cameo as a prisoner of the Master Jailer
Flash #293 vs. Firestorm and The Flash
DC Comics Presents #35 vs. Superman and Man-Bat  
World's Finest #270 Very small cameo as a prisoner on Superman Island  
DC Comics Presents #50 vs. Superman as the Miracle Machine splits him into two people - Superman and Clark Kent  
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