The Silver Age Batman

Title & Issue # Story Reprinted In:
Batman #101 "The Vanished Batman" - Batman stages a disappearing act to flush out crooks", "The Six Strangest Sleuths" - Six stage performers help Batman solve a theatre heist, "The Great Bat-Cape Hunt" - Batman must recover a trophy cape that gives away his secret identity, Clark Kent cameo "Vanished" - Batman Annual #4
Batman #102 "The House of Batman" - Crooks try to lure Batman into a house 'willed' to him, "The Batman from Babylon" - Professor Nichols sends the Dynamic Duo back to Ancient Persia, "The Caveman At Large" - An actor playing a caveman is injured and thinks he really is a caveman "Caveman" - Batman #176
Batman #103 "The Broken Batman Trophies" - Batman has to break trophies against TV cameras to avoid spoiling his secret identity, "The League of Ex-Convicts" - A criminal scams an organization trying to find jobs for ex-cons, "Bat-Hound: Movie Star" - Capture Baldy Gore on a movie set
Batman #104 "The Man Who Knew Batman's Secret" - Alfred disguised himself as a hick detective to help Batman catch a gangster, "Robin's 50 Batman Partners" -Robin rounds up a gang at a display of different Batman commemorations, "The Creature from 20,000 Fathoms" - Batman has an encounter with a genuine sea monster
Batman #105 "The Challenge of Batwoman" - After an injury, Batman has to work to keep his secret identity secret from Batwoman, "The Second Boy Wonder" - Robin practices his art of disguise as the Dynamic Duo pursues a gangster called 'The Gorilla', "The Mysterious Bat Missile" - Batman encounters the Batman of the future "Second" -Batman Annual #4, Batman in the 50's, Batman Family #10
Batman #106 "Batman's Secret Helper" - Batman uses a talk show to expose a would-be murderer, "Storm over Gotham City" - Batman patrols Gotham during a hurricane, "The Puppet Batman" - stops crooks with a mind-control ray
Batman #107 "The Grown-Up Boy Wonder" - a maturing gas causes Robin to grow transiently to adulthood, "Robin Falls in Love" - Robin's infatuation with an ice skater helps the Dynamic Duo catch a criminal, "The Boy Who Adopted Batman" - helping a young boy leads Batman to break up a counterfeit racket "Wonder" - Batman Annual #5, "Love" - Batman #185
Batman #108 "The Big Batman Quiz" - Batman stops a crook on a game show set, "Prisoners of the Batcave" - A booby trap traps Batman and Robin in the Bat Cave while an innocent man is scheduled for execution, "The Career of Batman Jones" - A kid named 'Batman' by his parents takes up his namesake role "Prisoners" -  Secrets of the Batcave TPB
Batman #109 "Three Crimes Against Batman" - Batman thwarts criminals stealing artifacts related to him, "Follow the Batman" - Batman impersonates himself to thwart a radium theft, "The 1001 Inventions of Batman" - Crooks stage crimes with copies of Batman's inventions "1001" - Giant Batman Annual #1, Batman Annual #1 Reprint (1999)
Batman #110 "Crime of the Month Club" - vs. The Joker, "The Phantom Batman" - An explosion at a chemical factory renders Batman temporarily intangible, "Secret of Batman's Butler" - Alfred fears he has betrayed Batman's secret identity "Phantom" -Batman Annual #5, "Butler" - Batman Annual #7
Batman #111 "The Gotham City Safari" - Batman solves a murder on a Gotham game preserve, "The Other Bruce Wayne" - Batman encounters Bruce N. Wayne, his namesake and father's cousin who is a reknowned private detective, "The Armored Batman" - Batman helps contain public panic following a radiation spill "Safari" -Batman Annual #6, "Armored" - Batman #193, "Other" - Batman #233
Batman #112 "The Signalman of Crime" - I: The Signalman, vs. the Signalman, "Am I Really Batman?" - After being poisoned, Batman is told he is not really Batman to keep him busy with this 'mystery', "Batman's Roman Holiday" - Batman must retrieve Professor Nichols when he sends himself back in time to Ancient Rome "Signalman" - Wanted! The World's Most Dangerous Villains #1, "Am I" - Batman Annual #4, Batman: The Black Casebook, "Roman" - 80-Page Giant #12
Batman #113 "Batman--the Superman of Planet X", "The Menace of False-Face" - vs. False-Face "Planet" -Batman Annual #2, Batman in the 50's, Batman: The Black Casebook,  "False" - Batman #198
Batman #114 "The Secret of the Mechanical City" - Captures crooked scientist trying to elude him in a futuristic city exhibit, "The Mirage Maker" - vs. a crooked illusionist, "The Bat Ape" - A trained ape helps Batman clear his owner's name
Batman #115 "The Million Dollar Clues" - Batman follows clues to recover a jewelry heist, "Batman for Hire" - Batman opens a detective agency to flush out a crook, "Batman in the Bottle" - Batman travels back in time and encounters a race of giants
Batman #116 "The City of Ancient Heroes" - Batman trails criminals to a city where everyone dresses in costume, "Batwoman's New Identity" - Batwoman goes undercover to trap a gangster when Batman intervenes, "The Winged Bat-People" - Batman find himself embroiled in a conflict in another dimension "City"-80-Page Giant #5, "Winged"-80-Page Giant #12
Batman #117 "Mystery on the Batman Bus" - helps passenger on tour bus and solves crime, "Bruce Wayne - Batman! - Foils theft and protects his secret identity, "Manhunt in Outer Space" - teams up with Inspector Tutian to a crook from each world
Batman #118 "The Battle of Police Island" -Batman must recapture escaped convicts that have inadvertently exposed themselves to radioactivity, "The Man Who Couldn't Be Tried Twice" - An innocent man is cleared and then claims guilt to cover for a criminal ally, "The Merman Batman" - An accident forces Batman to breathe only water "Merman" - Batman Annual #5
Batman #119 "Rip Van Batman" - Fumes from an exotic flower knocks Batman out and he dreams of the future, "Secret of Batman Island" - follows crooks to the island home of an eccentric Batman fan, "The Arch-Rivals of Gotham City" - Batwoman and Vicki Vale compete for 'Gotham's Woman of the Year' "Rip" -Batman Annual #5, "Secret" - Batman #256
Batman #120 "The Curse of the Bat-Ring" - Batman plants a phony curse story to flush out a crook, "The Failure of Bruce Wayne" - Batman reveals his identity to dying Uncle Silas so that old man will know he is indeed worthy of the Wayne legacy, "The Airborne Batman" - After breaking his leg, the Batman must fight crime from his Whirly-Bat
Batman #121 "The Body in the Bat Cave" -Solves the mystery of a corpse found in the Bat Cave, "Crime Rides The Rails" - capture crooks while help the railroad police, "The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero" - vs. Mr. Zero (prototype of Mr. Freeze) "Zero" - Batman #176, Batman in the 50's
Batman #122 "Prisoners of the Sargasso See" - Batman pursues criminals into the Sargasso where he defeats them with ghosts of sailors past, "The Cross Country Crimes"- vs. Hijack, "The Marriage of Batman and Batwoman" - Robin falls asleep and dreams the Bruce and Kathy wed "Crimes" - Limited Collector's Edition #C-37, "Marriage" - Batman Annual #4
Batman #123 "The Secret of the Everglades" - Thwarts criminals in Florida, "The Joker's Practical Jokes" - vs. the Joker, "The Fugitive Batman" - Batman feigns being a wanted man to flush out a criminal
Batman #124 "The Invisible Batman" - An accidental exposure to an energy ray turns Batman invisible, "The Return of the Signalman" - vs. the Signalman, "The Mystery Seeds From Space" - Seeds of unknown origin arrive outside Gotham and wreak havoc
Batman #125 "The Secret Life of Bat-Hound" - Ace returns to help Batman round-up the Midas Mob, "King Batman the First" = Batman is crowned king of the other-dimensional world of Plaxius, "The Last Days of Batman" - A mistake in time travel lets Robin see a headline 3 days in the future announcing Batman's demise "Hound" - Batman Annual #7, "King" - 80-Page Giant #12, "Last" - Batman #187
Batman #126 "The Mystery of the 49th Star" - Solves mystery in Alaska, "The Batman Lighthouse" - Solves crimes at a lighthouse designed after himself, "The Menace of the Firefly" - I: SA Firefly, vs. Firefly, Batwoman appears "Firefly" - Batman #208
Batman #127 "The Batman's Super Partner", "The Second Life of Batman" - Professor Nichols shares a device which shows what Batman would have been like had his parents not been killed, Superman appears, "The Hammer of Thor" -A meek man is transformed when he finds a legendary hammer
Batman #128 "The Interplanetary Batman" - Batman helps aliens capture a space pirate, "The Million Dollar Puzzle" - follows the trail of a thief after a code for hidden loot, "The Batman Baby" - prevents an assassination while hiding the infant heir to the throne, Batwoman appears "Interplanetary" - 80-Page Giant #12, Batman in the 50's
Batman #129 "The Web of the Spinner" - vs. the Spinner, "The Man From Robin's Past" - Robin clears the name of an old circus friends, "Merriweather Jones - Crime Prophet" - An ordinary citizen confounds Batman with his ability to predict crimes "Spinner" - Batman Family #7
Batman #130 "Batman's Deadly Birthday" - captures crooks at a celebration in his honor, "The Master of Weapons" - captures a crooked weapons expert, "The Hand from Nowhere" - vs. Lex Luthor 
Batman #131 "The Dog That Betrayed Batman" - Ace develops amnesia, "The Case of the Deadly Gems" - breaks up smuggling ring, "The Second Batman and Robin Team" - An  imaginary future story of where Batman has passed the role onto Dick Grayson and his son, the new Robin "Team" - Batman Annual #7
Batman #132 "The Martian From Gotham City" - An amnesiac actor thinks he's a martian, "The Three Faces of Batman" - Crooks use sound to alter Batman's behavior, "The Lair of the Sea-Fox" - vs. the Sea-Fox, a sea-faring criminal
Batman #133 "Crimes of the Kite-Man" - vs. the Kite-Man, "The Voyage of the S.S. Batman" - Batman fights crime from a 'tour' ship with a replica Bat Cave,  "Batwoman's Publicity Agent" - The Dynamic Trio have an another run-in with Bat-Mite "Agent" -Batman Annual #7
Batman #134 "The Rainbow Creature" - Batman and Robin defeat an alien monster in a Central American nation, "Batman's Secret Enemy" -A friend of Bruce Wayne deduces his secret identity, "The Deadly Dummy" - A midget has an act as a ventriloquist's dummy until ridicule drives him to crime "Rainbow" - Batman: The Black Casebook
Batman #135 "Crimes of the Wheel" - breaks up operations by a costumed "Wheels" Foster, "The Return of the Second Batman and Robin Team" - Another tale of Batman's future as imagined by Alfred, "The Menace of the Sky Creature" - Crooks use a lantern that seems to summon an alien monster
Batman #136 "The Case of the Crazy Crimes" - Batman and Robin navigate one of Bat-Mite's illusions, "The Town That Hated Batman" - repels an invasion by the alien Vordians, "The Challenge of the Joker" - vs. the Joker
Batman #137 "Robin's New Boss" - An alien hero tries to win Robin's partnership, "The Bandit of 1,000 Brands" - vs. The Brand, a cowboy criminal, "Teacher from the Stars" - Batman runs into an alien teacher's field trip "Boss" - Batman #185
Batman #138 "Batman's Master" - Batman breaks up the Tiger Gang", "The Simple Crimes of Simple Simon" - vs. Simple Simon, a criminal basing his crimes on simple rhymes, "The Secret of the Sea Beast" - captures crooks committing crimes with a robotic sea monster
Batman #139 "The Blue Bowman" - Phil Cobb (The Signalman) returns in a new identity, cameo by Green Arrow foe Bullseye, "The Island of 1,000 Traps" - Batman and Robin pursue a long-sought criminal hidden on a heavily fortified island, "The Bat-Girl" - Kathy Kane's niece Betty adopt the identify of Bat-Girl and helps Batman, Robin and Batwoman round up King Cobra and the Cobra Gang "Bat-Girl" - Batman Annual #7
Batman #140 "The Joker's Ghost" - vs. The Joker, "The Charmed Life of the Batman" -Batman is targeted by Assassins, guest-starring Superman disguised as 'The Alchemist', "The Eighth Wonder of the World" - A weird ray turns Batman and Robin temporarily into aliens
Batman #141 "The Crimes of the Clockmaster" - captures a criminal who sends Batman clues in a clock, "The Race of Death" - Batman enters a cross-country race to prevent a murder, "Batwoman's Junior Partner" - All four members of the Bat-Family take on the Moth
Batman #142 "Batman's Robot Guardian" - The well-meaning Alcorian Tal-Dar (Detective #282) sends Batman a robot "helper", "The Crimes of the Ancient Mariner" - A con frames an old sailor for crimes, "Ruler of the Bewitched Valley" - Captures crooks deceiving natives in Central America
Batman #143 "The Twice Told Tale of Batman and Robin" - Robin imagines the exaggeration that might be grow from a case to a legend, "The Blind Batman" - vs. Dr. Pneumo, "Bat-Hound and  the Creature" - Ace recognizes the good in what everyone else assumes is an alien invader
Batman #144 "The Alien Feud on Earth" - Two dueling suitors make their way to Earth, "The Man Who Played Batman" - vs. the Joker, "Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl" -Bat-Mite plays Cupid for Robin and Betty Kane
Batman #145 "The Hunt for Mr. 50" - Batman tracks a crimelord to Hawaii, "The Tiniest Villian in the World" - Crooks hijack a scientist's shrinkiing ray to perform robberies, "The Son of the Joker" - Another in the series of Batman and Robin II, this time against the aging Joker "Son" -Batman #254
Batman #146 "Batman and Robin's Magical Powers" - Bat-Mite sneakily gives the Dynamic Duo Super-Powers, "The Secret of the Leopard Boy" - Batman recovers a lost boy raised in the jungle, "The Deadly Curse of Korabo" - A criminal fakes a curse to cover a murder
Batman #147 "The Plants of Plunder" - Crooks hijack an alien farmers plant experiments, "The Secret of Mystery Island" - recovers a dead thief's stolen loot, "Batman Becomes Bat-Baby" - A scientist's ray accidentally turns Batman into an infant
Batman #148 "The Alien Force Twins" - Batman and Robin defeat aliens with a weakness for water, "The Boy Who Was Robin" - Batman's visiting cousin takes it upon himself to try being Robin, "The Joker's Greatest Triumph" - vs. the Joker
Batman #149 "The Maestro of Crime" - captures a criminal musician, "The Invaders from the Past" - Crooks pretends to be people from previous times, "The Batman Tunes in on Murder" - Thwarts a criminal ambassador
Batman #150 "The Secret Behind the Stone Door" - A hidden valley conceals a paramilitary plot and a would-be dictator, "The Girl Who Stole Batman's Heart" - Batman flushes out crooks by pretending to fall victim to a love spell, "Robin the Super Boy Wonder" - A lightning bolt temporarily gives Robin super-powers "Robin" - Batman #185
Batman #151 "Batman's New Secret Identity" - A make-believe story by Alfred, "The Mystery Gadget from the Stars" - The Dynamic Duo encounter a box that accelerates the effects of time/evolution
Batman #152 "Formula For Doom" - Batman and Robin pursue criminals who have stolen a deadly chemical, "The False Face Society" - vs. the Joker, "Memorial to an Astronaut" - Batman helps a dying man fulfill a wish to visit the stars
Batman #153 "Prisoners of Three Worlds" - The four members of the Bat-Family are caught up in an alien dictators otherworldly plot
Batman #154 "Danger Strikes Four" -Alfred pens a new tale of Batman and Robin in the future, "The Amazing Odyssey of Batman and Robin" - Batman releases a false tale of his demist to lure the criminal Kardo into the open, "The Strange Experiment of Doctor Dorn" - Batman fights a scientist turned into a monster
Batman #155 "Batman's Psychic Twin" - After being caught in a chemical explosion with a hoodlum, Batman discovers they share sensations, "The Return of the Penguin" - vs. The Penguin, 1st SA Penguin
Batman #156 "The Secret of the Ant-Man", "Robin Dies At Dawn" - Batman is trapped in a hallucination in which Robin is condemned to die "Robin" - Batman #185, The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1, Batman: The Black Casebook
Batman #157 "The Villain of the Year" - Captures the Jackal, a lawman with a split personality, "The Hunt for Batman's Secret Identity" - vs. The Mirror Man
Batman #158 "Ace - The Super Bat-Hound" - Bat-Mite gives Ace superpowers, "The Secret of the Impossible Perils" - Batman joins explorers in South America, "Batman and Robin Imposters" - capture crooks disguised as Batman and Robin
Batman #159 "The Great Clayface - Joker Feud" - vs. Clayface and the Joker, "Bruce Wayne Jr" - Alfred pens a tale of Batman's future
Batman #160 "The Mystery of Madcap Island" - trails crooks to an island of eccentric homes, "The Alien Boss of Gotham City" - busts a criminal impersonating an alien
Batman #161 "The New Crimes of the Mad Hatter" - vs. The Mad Hatter, "The Bat-Mite Hero" - The dejected Bat-Mite changes civilian Jerome Withers into a super-hero
Batman #162 "The Batman Creature" - Captures criminal turning animals into humans and people (including Batman) into beasts, "Robin's New Secret Identity" - Robin loses his memory while in disguise "Creature" - Batman: The Black Casebook
Batman #163 "The Joker Jury" - vs. the Joker, "Bat-Girl - Batwoman II" - Alfred pens a 'Future Batman' tale with Betty Kane as Batwoman
Batman #164 "Two-Way Gem Caper"- Catches gem theives, upgrades Batcave and new Batmobile costume changes to the yellow circle version, "Batman's Great Face-Saving Feat" - Thwarts an applicant to the Mystery Solvers Club who tries to ID Batman The Dynamic Duo Archives #1
Batman #165 "The Man Who Quit the Human Race" - A politician with a rare endocrine disease undergoes treatment which causes him to evolve rapidly,  "Dilemma of the Detective's Daughter" - Patricia Powell and Batman rescue a Professor Batman #208
Batman #166 "Two-Way Death Trap" - Captures gang that finds the Batcave, "A Rendezvous with Robbery" -  Patricia Powell pursues Bruce Wayne while Batman tracks theives
Batman #167 "Zero Hour For Earth" - Batman and Robin circle of the globe to break up a crime syndicate
Batman #168 "The Fight That Jolted Gotham City" - helps put a strongman when radio waves set off waves of violent rage, "How To Solve A Crime In Reverse" - solves the theft of a famous diamond
Batman #169 "Partners in Plunder" - vs. the Penguin, "A Bad Day for Batman" - After a series of reversals, Batman captures a jewel thief "Partners" - Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Batman #170 "Genius of the Getaway Gimmicks" - vs. the Getaway Genius, vs. the Getaway Genius, "The Puzzle of the Perilous Prizes" - Batman and Robin solve a mystery to help Aunt Harriet
Batman #171 "The Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler" - vs. the Riddler, 1st appearace of the Silver Age Riddler
Batman #172 "Attack of the Invisible Knights" - vs. crooks manipulating suits of armor to cover a jewel theft
Batman #173 "Secret Identities for Sale" - vs. Mr. Incognito, a criminal who has seen them with their masks off, "Walk, Batman --- To Your Doom!" - Thwarts a crooked political candidate "Doom" - Batman (Tempo 1977)
Batman #174 "The Human Punching Bag" - vs. the Getaway Genius and game hunter trying to capture Batman, "The On-Again, Off-Again Lightbulbs" - vs. a criminal hypnotist
Batman #175 "The Decline and Fall of Batman" - vs. Eddie Repp, a crook with the ability to create ghostly counterparts of Batman and Robin
Batman #176

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Batman #177 "Two-Batman Too Many" - Batman captures a jewel thief with the help of the Atom and the Elongated Man, "The Art Gallery of Rogues" - An overly enthusiastic publicity agent gets caught up in Batman's casework
Batman #178 "Raid of the Rocketeers" - vs. a gang of criminals wearing jetpacks, "The Loan Shark's Hidden Hoard" - captures loan shark turned bomber
Batman #179 "Clay Pigeon for a Killer" - vs. Victor Iago, a murderer attempting the perfect crime, "The Riddle-less Robberies of the Riddler" - vs. the Riddler "Riddler" - Batman (Tempo 1977)
Batman #180 "Death Knocks Three Times" - vs. Death Man, a criminal in a skeleton costume
Batman #181 "Beware of Poison Ivy" - vs. Poison Ivy, I: Poison Ivy, "The Perfect Crime - Slightly Imperfect" - Batman saves a mystery author "Poison" - Batman #208, "Perfect" - Batman #260
Batman #182

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Batman #183 "A Touch of Poison Ivy" - vs. Poison Ivy, "Batman's Baffling Turnabout" - A criminal impersonates Batman
Batman #184 'The Mystery of the Missing Manhunters" - Cleans up 'Robbery Incorporated'
Batman #185

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Batman #186 "The Joker's Original Robberies" - vs. The Joker, "Commissioner Gordon's Death Threat" - Rescues the kidnapped Commissioner
Batman #187

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Batman #188 "The Eraser That Tried to Rub Out Batman" - An old schoolmate of Bruce's takes up a life a crime as the Eraser, "The Ten Best Dresses Corpses in Gotham City" - A magazine publisher turns to murder and extortion only to be canceled by Batman
Batman #189 "Fright of the Scarecrow!" - vs. the Scarecrow, 1st Silver Age Appearance of the Scarecrow (since Detective #73)
Batman #190 "The Penguin Takes A Flyer ...Into The Future!" - vs. the Penguin Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Batman #191 "The Day Batman Sold Out!" - When Batman has been poisoned with radiation, he stages a retirement to draw out his would-be assassin, "Alfred's Mystery Menu" - Batman and Robin must rescue Alfred after he has been kidnapped
Batman #192 "The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman" - Thwarts a Tong racket in Chinatown
Batman #193 All Reprints
Batman #194

"The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad" - vs. the Blockbuster, "The Problem of the Proxy Paintings" - A meeting of the Mystery Analysts Club dissect an art crime

Batman #195

"The Star-Spangled See-Through Man" - vs. Bag O'Bones,  a burglar Ned Creegan, who develops strange powers after radiation exposure when he robs a scientist

Batman #196 "Psychic Super-Sleuth" - The Dynamic Duo catch a crook impersonating a ESPer detective, "The Purloined Parchament Puzzle" - captures a crooked museum guard
Batman #197 "Catwoman Sets Her Claws For Batman!" - vs. Catwoman (green jumpsuit) Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Batman #198 All Reprints
Batman #199

"Peril of the Poison Rings" - captures a criminal comic book artist, "Seven Steps to Save Face" - A crook poses as Robin to get at Batman's secret identity

Batman #200 "The Man Who Radiated Fear" - vs. the Scarecrow, w/Joker, Pengiun and Killer Moth cameos
Batman #201 "Batman's Gangland Guardians" - A group of Batman villains engage in a series of "rescue" operations to guarantee that the efforts of local gangsters don't injure Batman, a treat they have saved for themselves, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Cluemaster, Mad Hatter and Getaway Genius appear
Batman #202 "Gateway to Death" - vs. crooks hiding out in a mausoleum
Batman #203 All Reprints
Batman #204 "Operation Blindfold" - Batman encounters the Schemer, a gang lord with an army of thugs disguised as blind men
Batman #205 "Blind as a Bat" - captures the Schemer
Batman #206 "Batman Walks the Last Mile" - thwarts a murder by a crook who fancies himself The Planner
Batman #207 "The Doomsday Ball " - Batman must recover a miniaturized nuclear weapon
Batman #208

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Batman #209
Batman #210 "Case of the Purr-loined Pearl" - vs. Catwoman and her Feline Furies
Batman #211
Batman #212

Batman #213
Batman #214
Batman #215
Batman #216 "Angel - Or Devil?" Best of DC Digest #9
Batman #217
Batman #218
Batman #219 "Silent Night of the Batman" Limited Collector's Edition #C-43
Batman #220
Batman #221 "Hot Time in Gotham Town Tonight"

Limited Collector's Edition C-25

Batman #222 "Dead Till Proven Alive" - The Dynamic Dup solves a rock group's mystery, a play on the Beatles 'Paul is Dead' riff, "The Case of No Consequence" - Recovers a deaf man's camera
Batman #223
Batman #224
Batman #225 "Wanted for Murder One - Batman!" Best of DC Digest #30
Batman #226
Batman #227 "The Demon of Gothos Mansion" Limited Collector's Edition #C-59
Batman #228
Batman #229 "Asylum of the Futurians" - breaks up a band of demented individuals who think they commune with ghosts
Batman #230
Batman #231
Batman #232 "Daughter of the Demon" Best of DC Digest #51, Limited Collector's Edition #C-51
Batman #233

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Batman #234 "Half an Evil" - vs. Two Face Best of DC Digest #14, Batman (Tempo 1977), The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told
Batman #235    
Batman #236
Batman #237 "Night of the Reaper" Best of DC Digest #51, Limited Collector's Edition #C-52
Batman #238

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Batman #239 "Silent Night, Deadly Night" - A Christmas story where Batman intercedes in a plan for murder "Silent" -Limited Collector's Edition #C-34
Batman #240
Batman #241
Batman #242 "Bruce Wayne - Rest in Peace" Limited Collector's Edition #C-51
Batman #243 "The Lazarus Pit" Limited Collector's Edition #C-51
Batman #244 "The Demon Lives Again" - vs. Ra's Al Ghul Limited Collector's Edition #C-51
Batman #245 "The Dynamic Trio" Batman Annual #7
Batman #246
Batman #247 "Merry Christmas" - Christmas story Best of DC Digest #22
Batman #248
Batman #249 "The Citadel of Crime" - Bruce Wayne joins an elite social club to get access to criminals
Batman #250 "The Deadly Numbers Game" - solves crimes in a wax museum, "The Batman Nobody Knows" - Children around a campfire recount their impressions of Batman "Nobody" -Limited Collector's Edition #C-59, The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told
Batman #251 "The Joker's Five Way Revenge" - vs. The Joker Best of DC Digest #2
Batman #252
Batman #253
Batman #254 "King of the Gotham Jungle" - Batman and Man-Bat join forces to capture the Getaway Genius
Batman #255 "Moon of the Wolf" - Professor Milo turns a werewolf against Batman, vs. Professor Milo, D: Professor Milo
Batman #256 "The Catwoman's Circus Caper" - vs. Catwoman (black jumpsuit)
Batman #257 "Hail, Emperor Penguin" - vs. the Penguin, Talia appears Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Batman #258 "The Threat of the Two-Head Coin" - vs. Two-Face
Batman #259
Batman #260 "This One'll Kill You, Batman!" - vs. the Joker
Batman #261
Batman #262 "The Scarecrow's Trail of Fear" - vs. the Scarecrow
Batman #263 "Riddler on the move" - vs. the Riddler Best of DC Digest #14
Batman #264 "Death of a Daredevil" - Thwarts a famed stunt cyclist who has turned to crime
Batman #265 "Batman's Greatest Failure" - Batman thwarts the crimes of a disfigured movie actor
Batman #266 "The Curious Case of the Catwoman's Coincidences!" Best of DC Digest #14
Batman #267 "Invitation to a Murder" - A ganglord tries to assassinate his rivals as well as Batman
Batman #268 "Murder Masquerade" - vs. the Sheik, a pair of criminals disguised as the same foe to throw Batman off the trail
Batman #269 "The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne" - vs. a serial murderess using ancient weapons
Batman #270 "The Menace of the Fiery Heads" - stops a serial strangler with a flaming calling card
Batman #271 "The Corpse Came C.O.D." - breaks up a cult of Vedas
Batman #272 "The Underworld Olympics" - Part 1 of a series in which criminals from around the world try to outdo Batman (the rounds feature South American criminals)
Batman #273 "The Bank Shot That Baffled Batman" - Batman encounter the European Division of the Underworld Olympics
Batman #274 "Gotham City Treasure Hunt" - Batman confronts Phase Three of the Underworld Olympics, a Pan-Asian team including Hindu martial arts master, Steel Claw
Batman #275 "The Ferry Blows at Midnight" - Part four of the Underworld Olympics as Batman and the Gotham Police round up the whole crew
Batman #276 "The Haunting of the Spook" - vs. the Spook
Batman #277 "The Riddle of The Man Who Walked Backwards" - Breaks up a drug ring scaring people away from their operation with a sea monster costume
Batman #278 "Stop Me Before I Kill Batman!" - vs. The Wringer, a compulsive killer who wishes to be stopped
Batman #279 "Riddler on the Rampage" - vs. the Riddler
Batman #280 "The Only Crime in Town" - breaks up coin theft gang
Batman #281 "Murder Comes in Black Boxes" - Batman trails a murderer of secret agents
Batman #282 "Four Doorways to Danger" - vs. the Omega Terrorists and their bomb threat for Gotham
Batman #283 "Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City" - defeats Omega terrorists and exposes fake bomb plot
Batman #284 "If there were no Batman ....I would have to invent him!" - vs. Dr. Tzin-Tzin
Batman #285 "The Mystery of Christmas Lost" - vs. Dr. Tzin-Tzin
Batman #286 "The Joker's Playground of Peril" - vs. the Joker
Batman #287 "Batman-Ex in Extinct!" - vs. The Penguin
Batman #288 "The Little Men's Hall of Fame" - vs. the Penguin
Batman #289 "Sign of the Skull!" - 1st appearance Skull Dugger, vs. Skull Dugger
Batman #290 "Skull Dugger's Kill Joy Capers" - defeats Skull Dugger
Batman #291 "Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed?" - A 4-part story solving the murder of a Batman fan, as the underworld tries to resolve who gets credit, Catwoman testifies
Batman #292 "The Testimony of the Riddler" - Part 2, Riddler testifies
Batman #293 "The Testimony of Luthor" - Part 3, Luthor testifies, Superman appears
Batman #294 "The Testimony of the Joker - Conclusion of the "Where were you ..." saga in which the Joker is revealed as the murderer
Batman #295 "The Adventure of the Houdini Whodunit" - captures a criminal stage magician
Batman #296 "The Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow" - vs. the Scarecrow
Batman #297 "The Mad Hatter Goes Straight" - vs. the Mad Hatter
Batman #298 "The Case of the Crimson Coffin" - (Part 1) Finds a mystery involving apparent cult murders in Gotham
Batman #299 "The Island of Purple Mist" - (Part 2) breaks up a ring of criminal terrorist acting on the cult fears of Caribbean natives
Batman #300 "The Last Batman Story" - An alternate future story where Batman considers the later years of his life after defeating a criminal syndicate
Batman #301 "The Only Man Batman Ever Killed' - Part 1, Batman encounters the Wireheads
Batman #302 "Attack of the Wire-Head Killers" - vs. the WireHeads, former carnival acts committing crimes
Batman #303 "Batman's Great Identity Switch" - A knock on the head causes Batman to go into action as Bruce Wayne, "If Justice Be Served ..." - Gets involved when a reporter tries to cash in on a deceased millionaires past 
Batman #304 "To Hell With Batman.. and Back" - vs. The Spook
Batman #305 "Death Gamble of a Dark Knight Detective" - vs. Amos Fortune and the Death's Head Gang, "With This Ring, Find Me Dead" - Part 1 of a mystery in which a crook murders a woman to extort Batman
Batman #306 "Night of Seige" - vs. the Black Spider, "The Mystery Murder of Mrs. Batman" - Part 2, A serial killer of the poor discovers Batman's secret I.D. after murdering an unknown woman he claims is Batman's wife
Batman #307 "Dark Messenger of Mercy" - Batman captures a serial murderer of the homeless
Batman #308 "There'll Be A Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight!" - vs. Mr. Freeze
Batman #309
Batman #310 "The Ghost Who Haunted Batman" - vs. the Gentleman Ghost
Batman #311 "Dr. Phosphorous is back!" vs. Dr. Phosphorous, Batgirl appears
Batman #312 "A Caper a Day Keeps The Batman At Bay" - vs. The Calendar Man
Batman #313
Batman #314
Batman #315
Batman #316
Batman #317
Batman #318
Batman #319
Batman #320 "The Curse of the Inquisitor" - Batman travels to Spain to stop a series of murderers
Batman #321 "Dreadful Birthday, Dear Joker!" Best of DC Digest #11
Batman #322 "Chaos - Coming and Going" - vs. Captain Boomerang, Catwoman appearnace
Batman #323
Batman #324
Batman #325 "Death Twenty Stories High!" - When Gordon is up for re-election, Batman exposes his adversary's criminal intentions
Batman #326
Batman #327 "Asylum Sinister" - Thwarts Professor Milo's scheme operating out of Arkham Asylym, vs. Professor Milo, "Express to Nowhere" - thwarts a crook train operators scheme to smuggle crooks
Batman #328 "Double Jeopardy" - Two-Face returns with a new face and a new life, murdering those who can connect him with his past
Batman #329 "Twice Dies the Batman" - vs. Two-Face, "The Case of the Hijacked Heart" - prevents a woman from murdering her father by preventing his heart transplant
Batman #330
Batman #331 "Closed Circuit" - vs. the Electrocutioner, "Wolf in the Fold" - Batman exposes a rouge cop
Batman #332
Batman #333 "The China Syndrome" - The Lazarus Affair Part 2, Batman and Talia follow the trail to China while Catwoman and Robin get "Shanghaied" in the back-up story
Batman #334 "Infinity Island"  - The Lazaraus Affair, Part 3, trailing Talia leads to Ra's Al Ghul
Batman #335
Batman #336
Batman #337 "Where Walks A Snowman" - I: The Snowman (Klaus Kristen), a half-human, half-Yeti criminal, vs. the Snowman
Batman #338
Batman #339
Batman #340
Batman #341
Batman #342
Batman #342
Batman #343
Batman #344 "Monster, My Sweet" - vs. Poison Ivy
Batman #345 "Calling Dr. Death!" - vs. a poisonous extortionist
Batman #346 "Half a Hero" - vs. Two-Face
Batman #347 "The Shadow of the Batman" - two crooks compare Batman stories and decide to pursue honest work
Batman #348 "Shadow Play"- vs. Man-Bat Secrets of the Batcave TPB
Batman #349 "Blood Sport"  - vs. Dala and the Monk, an update of the vampire story from Detective #32
Batman #350 "Nightmare in Crimson" - Batman confronts a cult of vampires
Batman #351 "What Stalks the Gotham Night?" -  Batman, infected as a vampire himself, confront the Monk, the leader of the vampiri cult
Batman #352 "The Killer Sky" - vs. Colonel Blimp and his airship
Batman #353 "The Last Laugh" - vs. the Joker, "The Sting - Batman Style" - Batman burns some con-artists
Batman #354 "Showdown" - 'Boss' Thorne is finally arrested after being 'haunted' by the death of Hugo Strange
Batman #355 "Never Scratch A Cat" - vs. Catwoman Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Batman #356
Batman #357
Batman #358
Batman #359 "Hunt" - vs. Killer Croc, Origin Killer Croc (Concluded in Detective #526)
Batman #360 "When Slays The Savage Skull" - vs. a serial murderer of cops
Batman #361 "The Most Successful Species" - vs. Man-Bat
Batman #362 "When Riddled By The Riddler ..."  - vs. the Riddler
Batman #363
Batman #364 "The Man of a Thousand Menaces" - A former circus pal of Jason Todd turns to crime as the Chimera
Batman #365
Batman #366
Batman #367
Batman #368 "A Revenge of Rainbows" - Jason Todd assumes the role of Robin and defeats Crazy Quilt"
Batman #369 "Target Practice" - vs. Deadshot
Batman #370
Batman #371
Batman #372 "What Price the Prize? Best of DC Digest #52
Batman #373
Batman #374
Batman #375
Batman #376
Batman #377
Batman #378
Batman #379
Batman #380
Batman #381 
Batman #382
Batman #383 "Just as Night Follows Day" - Batman avoids sleep while he rounds up common criminals and deals with Jason's adoption case worker Best of DC Digest #71
Batman #384 "Broken Dates" - vs. the Calendar Man
Batman #385 "Day of Doom" - vs. the Calendar Man
Batman #386
Batman #387 "Ebon Masquery" - vs. Black Mask
Batman #388
Batman #389 "Red Skies" - Batman trails the Night Slayer as the red skies of Crisis close the curtains on  Earth 1, Catwoman and Nocturna appear
DC Comics Special "And The Town Came Tumbling Down!" - I: The Quakemaster, vs. the Quakemaster
Detective #225 "If I Were Batman" - a "Batman for a Day" contest is used to round up crooks Silver Age Classics reprints Detective #225
Detective #226 "When Batman Was Robin" - Reveals the tale of Batman's early foray as a crime fighter, Robin, before a mentor convinced him to wait until he's an adult Batman Annual #2
Detective #227 "The 50 Faces of Batman" - A case showcasing Batman's skill at disguise
Detective #228 "The Outlaw Batman" - A crook disguised as a doctor dopes Batman
Detective #229 "The 10,000 Secrets of Batman" - When a film crew gets special access to the Bat-Cave, a criminal takes the oppurtunity to lift Batman's crime files

Giant Batman Annual #1, Batman Annual #1 Reprint (1999)

Detective #230 "The Mad Hatter of Gotham City" - I: Silver Age Mad Hatter,  vs. The Mad Hatter Special Blue Ribbon Digest #15, Batman Annual #3
Detective #231 "Batman, Junior" - The revelation that, for a single case, Batman a partner prior to Robin who wore a costume similar to his own Batman #185
Detective #232 "The Outlaw Who Played Batman" - thwarts crook on movie set
Detective #233 "The Batwoman" - I:Batwoman, I: Kathy Kane Batman Annual #4, Batman in the 50's, Batman #208
Detective #234 "Batman and Robin's Greatest Mystery" - Batman and Robin lose the memory of their identities
Detective #235 "The First Batman" - New Origin details reveal that Joe Chill was a hitman, rather than a stray robber after Thomas Wayne (in a "Bat Man" costume) captures a crook at a masquerade ball Best of DC Digest #2, Batman Annual #4, Batman #255, The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1., Secrets of the Batcave TPB
Detective #236 "The New Model Batman" - Batman gets an equipment upgrade
Detective #237 The Search for a new Robin" - Batman has to find a new Robin when Bruce Wayne is presumed dead
Detective #238 "The Doors That Hid Disaster" - When the crimelord Checkmate dies of radiation poisoning, he seeks a final revenge on Batman from the grave
Detective #239 "Batman's Robot Twin" - crooks steal a prototype Batman robot and send it after him
Detective #240 "The Outlaw Batman" - Police pretend to arrest Batman to flush out criminal
Detective #241 "The Rainbow Batman" - When Dick Grayson is injured but needed as Robin, Batman changes costume color to distract attention to himself and preserve Robin's secret  identity Batman #182
Detective #242 "The Underworld Bat-Cave" - When criminals stage a fake treasure hunt, Batman has to trick them into a fake Bat Cave
Detective #243 "The Giant Batman" - A scientist's device causes Batman to grow continuously until a cure is found Batman Annual #5
Detective #244 "The 100 Batarangs of Batman" - Crooks try to beat Batman with his own batarang stunts Batman #203, Batman in the 50's,  Secrets of the Batcave TPB
Detective #245
Detective #246 "Mystery at Murder Castle" - solves a murder mystery at a recluse's island castle "Castle" - Best of DC Digest #2, Batman Annual #6
Detective #247 "The Man Who Ended Batman's Career" - vs. Professor Milo, Batman disguised as Starman Batman Annual #4, Batman: The Black Casebook
Detective #248 "Around the World in 8 Days" - Chases crooks who accidentally steal a miracle drug around the globe
Detective #249 "The Crime of Bruce Wayne" - Bruce Wayne allows himself to be tried as the Collector while Batwoman and Robin track down the real criminal Batman #233
Detective #250 "Batman's Super-Enemy" - Well-meaning aliens give a criminal access to super-powerful technology
Detective #251 "The Alien Batman" - Crooks stage a "Alien Batman" hoax to discredit the caped crusader
Detective #252 "The Creature From The Green Lagoon" -thwarts a criminal sabotaging a horror movie to get access to a bed of pearls Batman Annual #6, Batman in the 50's
Detective #253 "The Fox, the Shark and the Vulture" - vs. Fox, Shark and Vulture Batman #176
Detective #254 "One Ounce of Doom" - Batman and Robin pursue criminals who have inadvertently stolen a explosive formula
Detective #255 "Death in Dinosaur Hall" - solves a murder mystery in a natural history museum Batman Annual #6
Detective #256 "The Captive Planet" - Batman leads a rebellion on an alien world 80-Page Giant #12
Detective #257 "Batman's Invincible Foe" - vs. Karko, a criminal from the future
Detective #258 "Prisoners of the Giant Robots" - vs. Bartok and his giant robots
Detective #259 "The Challenge of the Calendar Man" - vs. The Calendar Man Batman #176
Detective #260 "The Mystery of the Space Olympics" -foils Plutonian plot at the Space Olympics on Venus
Detective #261 "The Amazing Dr. Double X" - I: Dr. Double X. vs. Dr. Double X Batman Family #7
Detective #262 "The Jackal of the Underworld" - vs. a crook who disguises himself as Anubis
Detective #263 "The Secret of the Fantastic Weapons" - criminals steal advanced technologic which an alien left for a primitive Mayan culture
Detective #264 "Peril at Playland Isle" - captures a jewelry thief on a island amusement park Batman #187
Detective #265 "Batman's First Case" - Batman's first arrest comes back to haunt him as The Clock Batman #187
Detective #266 "The Satellite of Gotham City" - vs. a criminal terrorizing Gotham with a satellite
Detective #267 "Batman meets Bat-Mite" - The other-dimensional imp arrives to have a little "fun" with the Dynamic Duo Batman Annual #7, Batman in the 50's, Batman: The Black Casebook,
Detective #268 "The Power That Doomed Batman" - Batman develops terminal super-powers when he is exposed to a comet's tail Batman Annual #5
Detective #269 "The Thousand Deaths of Batman" - breaks up a criminal operation in which actors play out various death scene for Batman 
Detective #270 "The Creature From Planet X" - Criminals send an alien being on a rampage
Detective #271 "Batman's Armored Rival" - vs. The Crimson Knight, a crook trying to set-up his old gang
Detective #272 "The Crystal Creature" - Batman must defeat a sea monster spawned by atomic waste
Detective #273 "The Secret of the Dragon Society" - To inspire new recruits, Gordon tells the story of how Batman broke up a national network of criminals
Detective #274 "The Hermit of Mystery Island" - A criminal fakes his death to continue his life of crime
Detective #275 "The Zebra Batman" - vs. the Zebra Man Batman Annual #5
Detective #276 "Return of the Bat-Mite" - captures the Hobby Robber, 2nd appearance of Bat-Mite
Detective #277 "The Jigsaw Menace From Space" - An alien ship crashes near Gotham, unleashing a dangerous creature which must captured by combining it's multiple parts
Detective #278 "The Man Who Became a Giant" - A corrupt professor unleashes a growth gas on his unsuspecting assistant
Detective #279 "The Creatures that stalked Batman!" - a crook attacks a scientist and releases other-dimensional creatures
Detective #280 "Menace of the Atomic Man" - thwarts a criminal wearing "atomic" glasses
Detective #281 "Batman, Robot" - Batman feigns his death and send in a robotic replacement to foul up crooks' plans Batman #182
Detective #282 "Batman's Interplanetary Rival" - Alien policeman Tal-Dar visits Batman
Detective #283 "The Phantom of Gotham City" - thwarts criminals taking advantage of an extra-dimensional alien
Detective #284 "The Negative Batman" - thwarts a gang of crooks using an "atomic camera"
Detective #285 "Mystery of the Man-Beast" - When a cavemen is thawed from a block of ice, an opportunist uses his bestial rages to cover a murder
Detective #286 "The Doomed Batwoman" - A new criminal, Star-Man, tries to recover a belt with mystical powers from Batwoman
Detective #287 "The Raven and the Wasp" - Two aliens hire earth criminals as costumed villains as they feud between themselves
Detective #288 "The Menace of the Multiple Creature" - Batman and Robin battles a shape-changing creature caused by lightning striking chemical waste
Detective #289 "The Bat-Mite Bandits" - Bat-Mite's plan to impress Batman goes awry
Detective #290 "Robin's Robot" - When an accidental radiation exposure forces them to separate, Batman and Robin construct a robot Robin to help out
Detective #291 "The Creatures from the Bat-Cave" - encounters an alien creature from the former 5th planet in the solar system
Detective #292 "The Colossus of Gotham City" - Exposure to strange vapors causes Batman to grow to colossal size
Detective #293 "Prisoners of the Dark World" - While pursuing a crook, Batman and a boatload of passengers are mysteriously transporting into the midst of an other-dimensional conflict
Detective #294 "The Villains of 100 Elements" - A malfunctioning machine turns a lab assistant into a criminal who can turn his body into any element Batman #182
Detective #295 "The Secret of the Beast Paintings" - Batman and Robin travel back in time to Ancient Egypt
Detective #296 "The menace of the Planet Master" - vs. the Planet Master
Detective #297 "The Beast of Koba Bay" - thwarts crooks using a robotic sea monster
Detective #298 "The Challenge of Clayface" - I: Clayface II (Matt Hagen), vs. Clayface
Detective #299 "Prey of the Alien Hunters" - Batman and Robin are kidnapped to serve as targets in a hunt
Detective #300 "The Bizarre Polka-Dot Man" - vs. the Polka Dot Man, a bizarre criminal with a costume of sophisticated dots
Detective #301 "The Condemned Batman" - Batman is inadvertently exposed to strange radiation on a case, causing him to be unable to breathe normal air
Detective #302 "The Bronze Menace" - vs. Vulcan, an "artist" turning people to Bronze, Batwoman appears
Detective #303 "Murder in Skyland" - solves crime on aerial amusement park
Detective #304 "The Return of Clayface - 2nd Appearance of Clayface, vs. Clayface
Detective #305 "Targets of the Alien Z-Ray" - criminals try to coerce captured aliens into helping them murder Batman and Robin
Detective #306 "The Wizard of 1,000 Menaces" - vs. Professor Hugo
Detective #307 "Alpha the Experimental Man" - Batman helps train an artificial man for the government
Detective #308 "The Flame Master" - capture peter Dale, a criminal who develops elemental powers after finding a Pueblo medicine man's stash
Detective #309 "The Mystery of the Mardi Gras Murders" - breaks up a ring of smugglers and counterfeiters at Mardi Gras
Detective #310 "Bat-Mite's Super Circus" - The annoying imp gives circus criminals super-powers to start a case with Batman
Detective #311 "Challenge of the Cat-Man" - I: Cat-Man, O: Cat-man, vs. Cat-Man
Detective #312 "The Secret of Clayface's Power" - vs. Clayface
Detective #313 "The Mystery of The Million Dollar Treasure Hunt" - thwarts a trapped trasure hunt
Detective #314 "Murder in Movieland" - solves murder on movie set
Detective #315 "The Jungle Man of Gotham City" - helps jungle native being exploited by crooks
Detective #316 "Double Batman vs. Double X" - vs. Dr. Double X, 2nd appearance for Double X
Detective #317 "Secret of the Flying Bat Cave" - Captures the Condor Gang with the aid of an aerial version of the Bat-Cave
Detective #318 "The Cat-Man Strikes Back" - vs. Cat-Man
Detective #319 "The Fantastic Dr. No-Face" - vs. a criminal who has had his feature erased
Detective #320 "Batman and Robin - Mummy Crime Fighters" - When exposure to a bizarre alien capsule turns their skin green, the Dynamic Duo must fight crime swathed in bandages
Detective #321 "The Terrible Trio" - vs. Fox, Shark and Vulture  
Detective #322 "The Bizarre Batman Genie - Crooks capture Batman in an Aladdin's Lamp  
Detective #323 "The Zodiac Master" - I: The Zodiac Master, vs. the Zodiac Master
Detective #324 "Menace of the Robot Brain" - defeats Ernst Larue and his electronic death trap
Detective #325 "The Strange Lives of the Cat-Man' - vs. Cat-Man
Detective #326 "Captives of the Alien Zoo" - Batman and Robin are kidnapped by aliens to be part of their menagarie
Detective #327 "The Mystery of the Menacing Mask" DC Special #1
Detective #328 "Gotham Gang Line-Up" Detective #438
Detective #329 "Castle with Wall to Wall Danger!" - pursues an escaped felon to England Limited Collector's Edition #C-44
Detective #330 "Fallen Idol of Gotham City" - breaks up a spy ring using a chemical that cause homicidal aggression
Detective #331 "The Museum of Mixed Up Men"- crook use device that changes men's identities and erases their memories, w/ the Elongated Man
Detective #332 "The Joker's Last Laugh" - vs. the Joker
Detective #333 "Hunters of the Elephant's Graveyard" - travels to Africa to break up crime ring
Detective #334 "The Man Who Stole From Batman" - vs. the Grasshopper, an agent of the Outsider, I: Outsider, Grasshopper Batman #254
Detective #335 "Trail of the Talking Mask" - pursues a group of automaton crooks Batman #234
Detective #336 "Batman's Bewitched Nightmare" - Encounters a Witch who is supposedly an agent of the Outsider (revealed to be Zatanna in JLA #51) Detective #439
Detective #337 "The Deep Freeze Menace" - vs. a prehistoric cavemen preserved in ice
Detective #338 "Batman's Power Packed Punch" -When Bruce Wayne has Solution X-23 spilled on his hands, he develops a super-powered punch
Detective #339 "Batman Battles The Living Beast Bomb" - A scientific experiment gone awry gives an ape the human ability to think of crimes DC Special #16, DC Goes Ape! TPB (2008)
Detective #340 "The Outsider Strikes Again" - The Outsider attacks Batman by animating objects in the Batcave Batman #255
Detective #341 "The Joker's Comedy Capers" - vs. the Joker
Detective #342 "Midnight Raid of the Robin Gang" - vs. a gang of crooks all dressed as Robin
Detective #343 "The Secret War of the Phantom General"- w/ Batman and Robin, vs. General Van Doort
Detective #344 "The Crime Boss Who Was Always One Step Ahead of Batman" - Batman outwits Johnny Witts
Detective #345 "The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham" - I: Blockbuster, vs. The Blockbuster The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1, Batman #261
Detective #346 "Batman's Inescapable Doom Trap" - vs. an escape artist turned to crime
Detective #347 "The Strange Death of Batman" - An imaginary story in which Batman of Earth-1 dies and the Batman of Earth-2 comes to teach Robin how to succeed in his place, arguably the first appearance of Earth-2 Batman albeit out of continuity
Detective #348 "Birdmaster of Bedlam" - vs. the Birdmaster, a criminal with trained birds
Detective #349 "The Blockbuster Breaks Loose" - vs. Blockbuster Batman Family #9
Detective #350 "The Monarch of Menace" - I: the Monarch of Menace, vs. the Monarch of Menace
Detective #351 "The Cluemaster's Topsy-Turvy Crimes" - I: The Cluemaster,  vs. the Cluemaster
Detective #352 "Batman's Crime a Go-Go" - thwarts a criminal with a super-sonic amplifier
Detective #353 "The Weather Wizard's Triple-Treasure Thefts" - vs. the Weather Wizard, Flash cameo
Detective #354
Detective #355 "Hate of the Hooded Hangman"

Limited Collector's Edition C-25

Detective #356 "The Inside Story of the Outsider" - The Outside revealed as Alfred Pennyworth, Alfred returns "Detective #440
Detective #357 "Bruce Wayne Unmasks Batman" - A case centered around a fraternity Batman masquerade
Detective #358 "The Circle of Terror" - vs. The Spellbinder
Detective #359 "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl" - I: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), vs. Killer Moth Batman #208
Detective #360 "The Case of the Abbreviated Batman" - thwarts crooks trying to bypass Batman with a secret code
Detective #361 "The Dynamic Duo's Double Death Trap" - Batman becomes the mark of a East German trap maker
Detective #362 "The Night Batman Destroyed Gotham City" - vs. The Riddler
Detective #363 "The True-False Face of Batman" - Batman reveals his identity to Batgirl in exchange for her but she declines, thinking it a trick Batman #255
Detective #364 "The Curious Case of the Crime-Less Clues" - Alfred lapses back into the Outsider due to lack of sleep
Detective #365 "The House the Joker Built - vs. the Joker
Detective Comics #366 "The Round Robin Death Threats" - Part 1 one a story where a criminal tries to get even with the four who had him arrested Batman #262
Detective Comics #367 "Where There's A Will, There's A Slay" - Doc Hastings is captured before he can murder his four targets Batman #262
Detective Comics #368 "The Seven Wonder Crimes of Gotham City" - capture an egotistical thief trying to stage incredible crimes 
Detective #369 "Batgirl Breaks Up The Dynamic Duo" - Batgirl and Robin team-up to force Batman to recuperate, Catwoman cameo
Detective #370 "The Nemesis From Batman's Boyhood" - Batman finds that a childhoof tormentor has turned to crime 
Detective #371 "Batgirl's Costumed Cut-Ups" - Captures crooks with the help of a little feminine distraction
Detective #372 "The Fearsome Foot-Fighters" - vs. political assassins who practice Savate (kick fighting)
Detective #373 "Mr. Freeze's Chilling Death Trap" - vs. Mr. Freeze
Detective #374 "Hunt for a Robin Killer" - After Robin is savagely beaten, Batman must track down his would-be killer Batman #257
Detective #375 "The Frigid Finger of Fate" - Pete Maddox turns to crime after discovering the sleeping at low temperatures gives him the gift of clairvoyance
Detective #376 "Hunted or Haunted" - Men from the future study Batman by following him via time travel
Detective #377 "The Riddler's Prison Puzzle Problem" - vs. the Riddler Batman #260
Detective #378 "Batman ...Drop Dead! Twice!" - vs. assassins targeting Batman (Part 1)
Detective #379 "Two Killings for the Price of One" - helps out an adopted kid whose parents are out to do him in
Detective #380 "Marital Bliss Miss" - A former hood's sister tries to solve a crime by pretending to be Mrs. Bruce Wayne
Detective #381 "One Drown.....One More To Go" - thwarts crooks working out of an old lighthouse
Detective #382 "Riddle of the Robbin' Robin" - Robin is set up for a death trap by a gang
Detective #383 "The Fortune Cookie Caper" - vs. Chinese hijackers
Detective #384 "Whatever Will Happen to Heiress Heloise?" - Thwarts the murder of an heiress
Detective #385 "Die Small, Die Big" - Batman cracks a murder plot in which is mail man is involved Batman #257
Detective #386 "Stand In For Murder" - Batman thwarts a murder attempt on Bruce Wayne
Detective #387 "The Cry of the Night is Kill!" - An updated story from Detective #27 in which Batman foils The Chemical Syndicate "Kill" - Best of DC Digest #2
Detective #388 "Public Lunatic Number One" - vs. the Joker  
Detective #389 "Batman's Evil Eye" - vs. the Scarecrow  
Detective #390 "If The Coffin Fits ...Wear it!" - vs. the Masquerader, Batman's unfiorm tailor turned to crime  
Detective #391
Detective #392 "I Died A Thousand Deaths" - Batman fakes his death and disguises himself as a crook to infiltrate and capture a gang of crooks
Detective #393
Detective #394
Detective #395 "The Secret of the Waiting Graves"  Demand Classics #1
Detective #396 "The Brain Pickers" - vs. criminals exploiting a whiz kid
Detective #397 "Paint A Picture of Peril" - vs. a demented opera aficionado Limited Collector's Edition #C-44
Detective #398
Detective #399 "Death Comes To A Small, Locked Room" - Defeats the martial arts master Khan to rescue Commissioner Gordon
Detective #400
Detective #401 "Target for Tonight" - vs. a would be assassin who knows his secret identity
Detective #402
Detective #403 "You Die By Mourning" - Batman solves a mob murder involving a "black widow"
Detective #404 "Ghost of the Killer Skies" - vs. a man claiming to be the descendant of Hans Von Hammer (Enemy Ace)

Limited Collector's Edition C-25, Batman (Tempo 1977),The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1

Detective #405 "The First of the Assassins" - vs. Dr. Darkk and the League of Assassins (1st appearance of this group)
Detective #406 "Your Servant of Death, Dr. Darkk" - vs. Dr. Darkk and the League of Asssassins
Detective #407 "Marriage: Impossible" - vs. Man-Bat
Detective #408 "The House That Haunted Batman" - vs. Dr. Tzin-Tzin Detective #477
Detective #409 "Man In The Eternal Mask" - thwarts the vengeance of a disfigured man
Detective #410 "A Vow From the Grave"- solves murder among side-show performers Limited Collector's Edition #C-59
Detective #411 "Into the Den of the Death-Dealers" - captures Dr. Darkk, a leader of the League of Assassins, Talia appears, D: Dr. Darkk
Detective #412 "Legacy of Hate" - Solves an ancient mystery at creepy old Waynemoor Castle
Detective #413 "Freak Out At Phantom Hollow" - solves a mystery in a small New England town
Detective #414 "Legend of the Key Hook Lighthouse" - thwarts an arms sales in a supposedly haunted lighthouse
Detective #415 "Challenge of the Consumer Crusader" - breaks up an extortion racket framing an consumer advocate
Detective #416 "Man-Bat Madness" - vs. Man-Bat
Detective #417
Detective #418 " ..And Be a Villain!" - The trail of a drug racket leads Batman into conflict with The Creeper
Detective #419 "Secret of the Slaying Statues" - breaks up a drug ring in the Irish neighborhoods of Gotham
Detective #420 "Forecast for tonight ....Murder!" - Batman becomes entangled in a supposedly deceased man's attempt for revenge
Detective #421 "Blind Justice ...Blind Fear" - resolves a hostage crisis at a prison
Detective #422 "Highway to Nowhere" - thwarts the schemes of a crooked truck manufacturer hiding defects in his trucks with murder
Detective #423 "The Most Dangeous Twenty Miles in Gotham City" - Batman gets involves with a Soviet spy exchange
Detective #424 "Double Cross-Fire" - Solves a bank robbery covering a murder
Detective #425 "The Stage is Set .....For murder!" - captures a murderer obsessed with Shakespearian purity Best of DC Digest #30
Detective #426 "Killer's Roulette" - solves a series of mysterious suicides
Detective #427 "A Small Case of Murder" - Captures criminal using toys to kill
Detective #428 "Batman vs. the Toughest Cop in Gotham" - A rough and unorthodox cop plays off Batman to help break up a drug ring
Detective #429 "Man-Bat over Vegas" - vs. Man-Bat in (Where else?) Las Vegas The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1
Detective #430 "Clue of the False Faces" - Batman gets stuck in a disguise while on a case
Detective #431 "This Murder Has Been Censored!" - Solves murder at resort
Detective #432 "The Great Rip-Off Mystery" - Rounds up a gang of thieves who are murdering each other to get the loot
Detective #433 "Killer in the Smog" - Breaks up a ring of switch-off murders
Detective #434 "The Spook That Stalked Batman" - vs. The Spook (Part 1), 1st appearance of the Spook
Detective #435 "The Spook Strikes Again" - vs. the Spook (Part 2)
Detective #436 "The Night of 1,000 Fears"-Batman poisoned with a mind-control drug
Detective #437 "Deathmask!" - Thwarts crooks hiding behind the curse of an ancient mask The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1
Detective #438 "A Monster Walks Wayne Manor" - vs. a monster altered by chemical from the Lazarus pit
Detective #439
Detective #440 "Ghost Mountain Midnight" - Solves a mystery in the Northern Applachians
Detective #441 "Judgement Day" - Batman must defeat a demented judge attempting to kill Batman after his daughter is blinded from a stray bullet shot at Batman
Detective #442 'Death Haunts The Killer Skies" - solves a murder mystery of three carnival investors The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1
Detective #443 "Gotterdammerung" - Batman and Paul Kirk finally defeat the Council, D: Paul Kirk (Manhunter )
Detective #444 "Bat Murderer" - Batman accused of murdering Talia, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul Best of DC Digest #9
Detective #445 "Break-In at the Big House" - Following the trail of Talia's murder, Batman encounter Ra's Al Ghul in a Gotham prison while the master villain complicates the case by killing himself to further frame Batman Best of DC Digest #9
Detective #446 "Slaughter in Silver" - vs. Sterling Silversmith as the police are in hot pursuit for his "murder" of Ra's Al Ghul Best of DC Digest #9
Detective #447 "Enter: The Creeper" - Batman enlists the aid of the Creeper to find out who has been trying to frame him Best of DC Digest #9
Detective #448 "Bedlam Beneath the Big Top" Best of DC Digest #9
Detective #449 "The Midnight Rustlers of Gotham City" - Captures modern day cattle rustlers
Detective #450 "The Cape and Cowl Death-Trap" - Batman captures a senator's shootist
Detective #451 "The Batman's Burden" - tracks and prevents a murder, Molly Post appears
Detective #452 "Crackdown on the Crime Exchange" - Batman tracks down a criminal organization known as the Crime Exchange
Detective #453 "The Deadly Web of the Crime Exchange"  - Batman captures the head of the Crime Exchange, a local public activist
Detective #454 "The Set-Up Caper" - thwarts Rex Giles efforts to study his fighting style for weakness
Detective #455 "Heart of the Vampire" - Stranded with a busted radiator, Alfred and Batman stumble across a vampire
Detective #456 "Death Kiss" - Batman is poisoned while trying to solve an attempt on the life of Bruce Wayne by a financial rival
Detective #457 "There is No Hope in Crime Alley" - I: Leslie Thompkins, a social worker trying to improve life in Crime Alley years after witnessing the murder of the Waynes The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 1
Detective #458    
Detective #459 "A Clue Before Dying" - Solves the murder of a mystery author
Detective #460
Detective #461 "Bruce Wayne - Bait in a Bat-Trap" - vs. Captain Stingaree
Detective #462 "Kill Batman - In Triplicate!" - vs. Captain Stingaree
Detective #463 "Death-Web" - I:The Black Spider, vs. the Black Spider
Detective #464 "The Doomsday Express" - vs. the Black Spider
Detective #465 "The Best Kept Secret in Gotham City" - creates a false secret identity to flush out criminals
Detective #466 "Signalman Steals the Spotlight" - vs. the Signalman
Detective #467 "Pick-Up on Gotham 2-4-6" - vs. a criminal impersonator, Hawkman cameos
Detective #468 "Battle of the Thinking Machine" - vs. the Calculator, The Atom, Elongated Man, Hawkman, Green Arrow and Black Canary appear
Detective #469 "By Death's Eerie Light - vs. Dr. Phosphorous Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #470 "The Master Plan of Dr. Phosphorous" - vs. Dr. Phosphorous Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #471 "The Dead Yet Live" - vs. Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne appears Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #472 "I am the Batman" - vs. Hugo Strange, Rupert Thorne appears Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #473 "The Malay Penguin" - vs. the Penguin Best of DC Digest #14, Batman: Strange Apparitions, Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told Vol. 2
Detective #474 "The Deadshot Ricochet" - vs. Deadshot Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #475 "The Laughing Fish" - vs. the Joker Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #476 "Sign of the Joker"  - vs. the Joker Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #477 Mostly a reprint, a framing sequence in which Batman confornts Rupert Thorne about Hugo Strange and a prelude to next issue's introduction of Preston Payne, I: Clayface III (Preston Payne) in unamed cameo
Detective #478 "The Coming of Clayface III - , vs. Clayface III, Origin of Clayface III Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #479 "If A Man Be Made of Clay" - vs. Clayface III Batman: Strange Apparitions
Detective #480 "The Perfect Fighting Machine" - vs. Dr. Moon and his effort to turn an emotionally dysfunctional man into an inhuman fighting machine
Detective #481 "Ticket to Tragedy" - protects Alfred's heart surgeon cousin from threats on his life, "Murder in the Night" - vs. the mad Xavier Simon n the body of an ape
Detective #482 "Night of the Body Snatcher" - Batman defeats the ape/Simon, which then falls to it's death DC Goes Ape! TPB (2008)
 Detective #483 "The Curse of Crime Alley" - thwarts a theft by Maxie Zeus Gang on his annual visit to Crime Alley, Leslie Thompkins appears, "Gotham's Great Kangaroo Race" - stages a kangaroo race to snare an Australian's arms smuggler "Curse" - Best of DC Digest #5
Detective #484 "Assault on Olympus" -vs. Maxie Zeus, "The Galileo Solution" - Batman solves a case of a powerful solvent and manslaughter
Detective #485 "The Vengeance Vow" - Batman tracks down the League of Assassins after the Bronze Tiger murders Kathy (Batwoman) Kane, D: Earth-1 Batwoman
Detective #486 "Murder by Thunderbolt!" - vs. Maxie Zeus
Detective #487 "The Perils of Sergius" - Batman thwarts a scheme of the League of Assassins to rub out an aspiring writer
Detective #488 "The Spook's Death Sentence for Batman" - vs. the Spook
Detective #489 "Creatures of the Night" - vs. a stage magician pretending to be a vampire, "Where Strike the Assassins" - The Sensei and the League of Assassins move against the Batman
Detective #490 "Requiem for a Martyr" - Batman closes the noose on the Sensei and Ra's Al Ghul as the search for Batwoman's murderer ends but the villains elude him again
Detective #491 "Riddle of the Golden Fleece" - vs. Maxie Zeus
Detective #492 "Vengeance Trail" - Solves Batgirl's "murder"
Detective #493 "Riddles in the Dark" - vs. The Riddler, I: The Swashbuckler, nephew of Greg Saunders, the Vigilante
Detective #494 "The Crime Doctor Calls At Midnight" - vs. the Crime Doctor
Detective #495 "Murder in Quicksilver" - vs. the Crime Doctor and Sterling Silversmith
Detective #496 "Murder on the Mystery Ship" - vs. a criminal imitating the original Clayface (Basil Karlo,  D:Clayface I
Detective #497 "Bad Night in Baja" - thwarts the ganglord known as The Squid
Detective #498 "Night of the Savage" - vs. Blockbuster
Detective #499
 Detective #500 "To Kill a Legend" - Batman, Robin and the Phantom Stranger prevent the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne on a parallel world, "When A Batman Dies" - A near death experience leads Batman to solve a crime while possessed by Deadman Best of DC Digest #23
Detective #501 "The Man Who Killed Mlle. Marie" - I: Julia Pennyworth, Alfred's World War II history revealed
Detective #502 "Who Shot Mlle. Marie?" - Batman solves the apparent murder of Mademoiselle Marie
Detective #503 "The 6 Days of the Scarecrow" - vs. the Scarecrow
Detective #504 "The Joker's Rumpus Room Revenge" - vs. The Joker
Detective #505 "Werewolf Moon" - Batman must track down Tony Lupus, a werewolf, to save Lupus' sister  
Detective #506 "Who Dies for the Manikin?" - Batman encounters a new villain, the Manikin  
Detective #507 "Dressed to Die" - defeats the Manikin and learns her origin  
Detective #508 "Secret of the Sphinx Sinister" - Selina is kidnapped by a deranged archeology professor with delusion of being a pharaoh
Detective #509 "Nine Lives Has The Cat" - vs. the Cat-Man
Detective #510 "Head-Hunt by a Mad Hatter" - vs. the Mad Hatter
Detective #511 "The 'I' of the Beholder" - Hamilton Hill becomes Mayor of Gotham, Boss Thorne is revealed to be behind Hill's victory, Bruce Wayne turns Wayne Enterprise over to Lucius Fox and Batman defeats a new villain named Mirage, I: Mirage
Detective #512 "The Final Prescription of Doctor Death" - Continued from Batman #345, Batman defeats Doctor Hellfern
Detective #513 "...Is Better Than None" - Continued from Batman #346, vs. Two-Face
Detective #514 "Haven!" - Pursuing criminals Batman encounters a pacifistic man living in harmony with animals Best of DC Digest #35
Detective #515 "College for Killers" - Batman encounters the Academy of Crime, where criminals are trained, Human Target appears
Detective #516 "Final Exams" - Part II of Academy of Crime story in which Batman defeats the Academy headmaster
Detective #517 "The Monster in the Mirror" - Batman tries to cope with his vampiric curse
Detective #518 "The Millionaire Contract" - vs. Deadshot
Detective #519 "Like A Dreadnought In The Sky" - vs. Colonel Blimp
Detective #520 "The Haunting of Boss Thorne" - Batman tries to solve a murder while the mysterious Dr. Thirteen shows up to help Boss Thorne with his haunting problem, Deadshot appears
Detective #521 "Cat Tale" - Vicki Vale runs afoul of a jealous Catwoman
Detective #522 "Snow Blind" - vs. the Snowman
Detective #523 "Inferno" - vs. Solomon Grundy
Detective #524 "Deathgrip" - vs. a criminal known as The Squid, Killer Croc appearance, D: The Squid by Killer Croc
Detective #525 "Confrontation" - vs. Killer Croc
Detective #526 "All My Enemies Against Me" - The Joker leads an army of Batman's enemies in an attempt to kill him before Killer Croc does, I: Jason Todd, D:Todd's parents by Croc
Detective #527 "Avatars of Vengeance" - vs. Man-Bat
Detective #528 "Requiem for Skulls" - Return of the Savage Skull, Mayor Hill begins efforts to have Gordon removed
Detective #529 "The Thief of Night" - vs. the Night Slayer
Detective #530 "Passion Nocturanale"  - vs. Nocturna and the Nightslayer
Detective #531 "The Face of the Chimera" - Waldo is cleared from being the Chimera and Batman offers Jason Todd the role of partner
Detective #532 "Laugh, Killer, Laugh" - vs. the Joker
Detective #533 "Look to the Mountain Top" - prevents the murder of a hospitalized Commisioner Gordon Best of DC Digest #52
Detective #534 "Brambles" - vs. Poison Ivy
Detective #535 "One Hole in a Quilt of Madness: - vs. Crazy-Quilt
Detective #536 "Facing the Dark, Blindly ..." - vs. Deadshot
Detective #537 "Down Below" Best of DC Digest #62
Detective #538 "Clothes Make the Cat(Man)" - vs. the Catman
Detective #539 "Boxing" - solves a boxer's murder Best of DC Digest #62
Detective #540 "Something Scary" - vs. the Scarecrow
Detective #541 "C-C-Cold!" - vs. the Penguin
Detective #542 "Between Two Nights" - Batman continues to adjust to life without Jason and begins legal proceedings to get him back  
Detective #543 "Shadows of Vengeance" - Nightslayer escapes from prison and Nocturna proposes marriage to Batman to get Jason back  
Detective #544 "Deceit in Dark Secrets"- Batman continues his pursuit of Mayor Hill and his romance with Nocturna
Detective #545 "By Darkness Masked" - Nightslayer recovers in the home of a poor blind girl who thinks he's Batman
Detective #546 "Batman - Hero or Menace?" - continues to develop case against corrupt Mayor Hill, Night Slayer and Nocturna appear
Detective #547 "Cast of Characters, Sequence of Events" - vs. Night-Slayer who is disguised as Batman
Detective #548 "Beasts A-Prowl" - vs. a terrorist called Darkwolf while Vicki Vale and Julia Pennyworth have a run with the Catwoman's pet panther, Catwoman appears
Detective #549 "Dr. Harvey and Mr. Bullock" - joins Bullock to break up a local gang
Detective #550 "The Spider's Ninth Leg" - Batman pursues a common criminal, the product of childhood abuse in a social commentary story
Detective #551 "The First Day of Spring" - vs. the Calendar Man
Detective #552 "A Stump Grows in Gotham" - A parable of a new tree and the importance of Batman to Gotham
Detective #553 "The False Face Society of Gotham" - vs. Black Mask
Detective #554 "Port Passed" - breaks up smuggling/deportation operation
Detective #555 "Returning Reflections" - vs. Captain Boomerang and the Mirror Master
Detective #556 "The Bleeding Night" - vs. Nocturna and the Night Slayer as Crisis dawns
Detective #557 "Still Beating" - The Night Slayer pursues Nocturna
Detective #558 "Strange Lives" - An adherent of Nocturna tries to find her body and rejoin her
Detective #559 "It Takes Two To Fly" - Batman and Green Arrow spar while on a case, Catwoman and Black Canary appear
Detective #560 "The Batman Nobody Knows" - Batman tries to get Catwoman and Robin to get along

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