Queen Bee

Queen Zazzala of Kortl - an alien monarch possessed of a powerful magno-nuclear rod and an elixir of immortality. Unfortunately for the Queen, the price of immortality is immobility, causing her to constantly scheme ways to achieve physical mobility.
Issue Comment Reprinted in
Justice League of America #23 1st Appearance, vs. JLA DC 100-Page Spectacular #17, Justice League Archives #4, Showcase Presents The Justice League of America Vol. 2
Justice League of America #60 vs. The JLA Justice League Archives #7, Showcase Presents Batgirl Vol. 1
Action #443 assembles army of super-villains, vs. Justice League
Justice League of America #131-132 w/ Sonar, vs. the Justice League
Adventure #463-464 vs. Wonder Woman
Action #562 w/ Planeteer, vs. Superman

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