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Personal Data

Terry Sloane.

Residence: Gateway City
Occupation: Businessman, Lecturer in English Literature at Gateway University
First Appearance (Golden Age): Sensation Comics vol. 1 #1 (January 1942)
First Appearance (Post-Golden Age): Justice League of America #37 (August 1965)
Joined JSA: All-Star Comics vol. 1 #24
Pre-Crisis Fate: Slain by the Spirit King in Justice League of America #171
Post-Crisis Fate: Unchanged (still dead)


Terry Sloane was born in the 1910s, a child prodigy from early youth. As a young boy he demonstrated superb skills in athletics, martial arts and engineering skills. He entered college at the age of 12 and graduated in less than a year. Having obtained the maximum formal education available to him, he devoted himself to athletics, again showing superb performance. He later turned his acumen to business, where he rapidly became successful and wealthy. These accomplishments, while considerable, were empty to Sloane, and left him feeling unchallenged and depressed. He resolved to end his life, rather than continue the "perfect" existence. As he was driving home from work, he noticed a young woman standing on the edge of a bridge. Before his eyes, she jumped into the river. Acting quickly, Sloane saved the woman from drowning and learned her tale. She identified herself as Wanda Wilson, a local girl whose younger brother had fallen in with a gang led by a petty criminal called the Big Shot. Sloane adopted the identity of Mister Terrific and found renewed purpose in defeating the petty thug. Sloane then took upon himself to set up an alternative to juvenile delinquency in the "Fair Play Club," an institution that provided urban kids a place to exercise and find shelter from detrimental influences present in Depression-era America (Sensation Comics vol. 1 #1).

As Terry Sloane, Mister Terrific hired Wanda Wilson as his personal assistant; he later became romantically involved with her. Sloane remained active as Mister Terrific throughout the war years, focusing mainly on minor criminal elements in his native city. In a case as yet unrevealed, Mister Terrific achieved national prominence in when he became reserve member of the JSA in the early to mid 1940's. In 1945 when he joined the Justice Society of America in two cases, one that illustrated the importance of Germany's defeat to a World War II-era pacifist (All-Star Comics vol. 1 #24) and the other to stop the otherworldy Stalker from adding the Earth to his tally of worlds (All-Star Comics vol. 2 #1-2). The JSA recognized Sloane's talents (1,000 of them, no less) and he was later awarded full membership at some point.

Mister Terrific retired from active duty as a costumed adventurer sometime prior to the disbanding of the JSA in 1951. His subsequent activities, particularly the fate of girlfriend Wanda Wilson, are unknown. When the Justice Society resumed active meetings in the early 1960s, Mister Terrific emerged from retirement. His activity was infrequent, appearing only with a few cases, notably those with the Justice League of America (Justice League of America #37-38, 55-56). Sometime in the early 1970s. Mister Terrific again retired to devote his energy to his life as a philanthropist and educator. He appeared briefly in the late 1970s when he was captured by the Wizard's Secret Society of Super-Villains (unpublished Secret Society of Super-Villains #16).

In the early 1980s, Sloane observed an old adversary, Roger Romaine (the Spirit King), stealing a seismograph from Gateway University. At some point prior to this, Romaine had made a deal with Shaitan, an elder demon, to grant him power and opportunity, in exchange for providing a vessel from which Shaitan could attack the Spectre (The Spectre vol. 3 #54). When Sloane tried to stop Romaine, the latter disappeared in a puff of smoke and laughter. Sloane again donned the guise of Mister Terrific and followed Romaine as he used the seismograph to track Jay Garrick (the Flash) and take over his body. When the Flash joined the JSA in a trip to Earth-1, Mister Terrific went as well. When Terrific revealed to the assembled heroes that one of them was a traitor, Romaine (in the Flash's body) him to a secluded spot on the JLA's satellite and, catching him unaware, emerged from the body of the Flash and strangled Mister Terrific. Using the Flash's super-speed, the Sprit King generated an explosion to cover his deed, blowing Sloane's body into space. The JLA and JSA later discovered Romaine in the Flash's body, but Romaine again used the Flash's super-speed to elude his accusers and slip into the transporter to Earth-2. Romaine later departed the Flash's body and escaped (Justice League of America #171-172).

Shortly thereafter, the JSA tracked the Spirit King in Flash's body to Stonehenge. In the ensuing battle, The Spirit King assumed control of Doctor Fate and allowed the Flash to lure the Spectre to him. As Shaitan and Romaine held the Spectre at bay, the recently-deceased Sloane intervened and disrupted the connection between Romaine and Shaitan, casting the Spirit King into the depths of Hell. Mister Terrific had few seconds of corporeal existence to bid farewell to his JSA comrades and then went to his afterlife reward (The Spectre vol. 3. #54). Afterward, Mister Terrific was laid to rest on Earth-2, an honored hero to the end (Adventure Comics #466).

In the mid-1990s, The Spectre happened up a young man named Michael Holt considering suicide after a series of personal reversals. To inspire the man not to give up on life, the Spectre recounted the life story of Terry Sloane and his life as a costumed in adventure. Holt not only decided to live, he took up the mantle of Mr. Terrific himself (The Spectre vol.3 #54). His adventures in this role have yet to be told.


A child prodigy that demonstrated extreme intelligence and physical skill at an early age, Mister Terrific fashioned himself as a champion of justice and fair play. He honed his body and martial skills to champion levels and relied upon these exclusively.


Like many of his fellow JSAers, Mister Terrific was only mortal and could be (and was) slain as such.

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