Fact File: The Justice Society of America 1940-2017


The purpose of this Fact File is to provide a detailed resource on the original Justice Society of America (JSA). This file summarizes the history of the Justice Society, with annotated biographies of the individual members' summary to that history. This history is a best fit summary of all the available information on the Justice Society and in the case of conflict, one version, generally the original,  is chosen over another. A discussion of retcons is also provided. Each character is also supplied with vital statistics and a list of all appearances to date. External Media references for JSA comics and characters is also provided. Finally, the opening chapter contains a series of lists of interest for collectors of comics featuring the JSA.

    Table of Contents

    Public Records Search

    The History of the Justice Society

    Member Fact Files

     Individual Case Records of JSA Members

    Multiversal Incursions

     A Guide to JSA-JLA Team-Ups

    Historical Records

    Persons and events of the Golden Age


    Official Case Recordings of the JSA

    Staff Notes

    Footnotes on site records and other files

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