Wildcat Merchandise

The DC Direct Action Figure of the Golden Age Wildcat

Wildcat also appears in the 1st JSA PVC series.

The first five adventures of the Golden Age Wildcat were reprinted as part of the JSA: All-Star Archives, which can be found from Amazon.com sellers by click this LINK.

Dr. Mid-Nite has been featured on DC Collectable Cards and Role-Playing Games
Wildcat made appearances in the Justice League Unlimited Cartoon Series, specifically in episode "The Cat and the Canary".
Wildcat was also included in the collection of JLU action figures (3 inch version).
Wildcat was include in the DC Infinite Heroes Crisis series with a blue variant (Figure 11, shown) and a black variant (Figure 12 in the series).
 Wildcat was included in the 9th wave of Mattel's DC Universe Classics action Figures.
Wildcat has been included in the Heroclix Role-Playing Game.
Wildcat has been feature on the new Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated television show.
A Wildcat toy is included in 2010's hideous Blammoid toys.

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