Vital Statistics of the Justice Society

Headquarters: A brownstone in dowtown Gotham City, originally in Civic City. The HQ in Civic City is still maintained.

Formed - Summer 1940 (Golden Age)
Disbanded - 1951
Re-Formed - 1963 (Silver Age)

Member  Joined
Superman Founding Member
Batman Founding Member
Dr. Fate Founding Member
Sandman Founding Member
Hourman Founding Member
The Flash Founding Member
Green Lantern Founding Member
Hawkman Founding Member
The Atom Founding Member
The Spectre Founding Member
Johnny Thunder All-Star Comics #6
Starman All-Star Comics #8
Dr. Mid-Nite I All-Star Comics #8
Wonder Woman/Hippolyta (retcon) All-Star Comics #12
Mr. Terrific I All-Star Comics #24
Wildcat All-Star Comics #24
Black Canary I All-Star Comics #41
Robin Justice League of America #55
The Red Tornado Justice League of America #64
Power Girl All-Star Comics #58
Star Spangled Kid I All-Star Comics #58
Huntress All-Star Comics #71

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