A New Beginning (1999-present)

    In 1999, a new threat loomed on mankind's horizon. The Dark Lord, a powerful mage of unknown origin, determined to intercede in the birth of the new Dr. Fate. His arrival was detected by the elderly Wesley Dodds, researching the legacy of Fate in the Orient. When Dodds determined the 3 children destined to candidacy for the Fate legacy, the Dark Lord tracked him to Mount Kailish in Tibet. Dodds taunted the Dark Lord and rather than reveal the information, threw himself to his death over a precipice (JSA Secret Files and Origins #1). The Dark Lord then departed, hunting several other agents of the arcane and slaying them. In response to Dodd's death and the news of a new Dr. Fate, the JSA reformed as the surviving members and offspring of others pursued the Dark Lord across the globe. Finally confronting him in Fate's tower in Salem, Massachusetts, the JSA defeated the Dark Lord with the aide of the new Dr. Fate in the resurrected form of Hector Hall (JSA #1-4).

    Shortly therafter, the new JSA was summoned to Milwaukee to defeat Alan Scott's son Obsidian, turned quite literally to the dark side with the assistance of old foe Ian Karkull. Karkull was seemingly killed and Obsidian was banished into the Shadowlands, the dark realm where he and other manipulators of Dark Matter (i.e. The Shade) draw their powers (JSA #7-9). Almsot immediately, the JSA was drawn into conflict with the super-terrorist, Kobra (JSA #11-12) and the interdimensional conqueror Extant (JSA #13-15). Unknown to the heroes, the Ultra-Humanite is also waiting in the wings, waiting for his chance to strike (JSA Annual #1).

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