The Final Years (1986-1994)


After the Crisis, the history of the JSA becomes somewhat tortuous. For the main body of the JSA, all save Dr. Fate,the Spectre and the younger members were rejuvenated and consigned to Limbo to battle with foes of the Norse Gods for all eternity (Last Days of the Justice Society #1). While in Limbo, another member, Skyman (Star-Spangled Kid) was slain by Harlequin II of Injustice Unlimited.To defeat the demon Abraxis, the Spectre and the Waverider bent the laws of Limbo to free the JSA from the repetitious battles and return them to mainstream Earth. (Armageddon Inferno #3).

After their return, the Justice Society reformed with a core of 6-7 members. As they left Limbo, the effects of it's eternal youth wore off and the JSA began to feel the effect of age returning to their bodies. Sandman was almost immediately sidelined with a stroke (Justice Society of America #1) The active members became involved in a number of conflicts with familiar adversaries such as Kulak (JSA #9,10) and the Ultra-Humanite (JSA #4,5) as well as intervening in the take-over of the island nation of Badhnesia (JSA #6,7,8) and the Justice League's battle with Sonar (Justice League Europe #47-50).

Finally, the actions of Extant and Parallax resulted in the "Zero Hour" in which the time stream was again altered. During the initial battles with Extant, spells cast during the 40's keeping the JSA youthful were removed and they aged to a degree more befitting their chronological age. Further, the Atom was slain in a blast of chronal energy and Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite, in direct hand-to-hand combat, were aged past the point of death. Dr. Fate was split into his human components and the helm of Nabu was slung to the farthest reaches of the globe. (Zero Hour #3). The Helm was ultimately recovered by a fortune hunter, Jared Stevens, who became the new Fate upon the demise of the Nelsons (Fate #0).

Currently only 9 of the total membership of the Justice Society remains. Of the 9, Power Girl, the Red Tornado and the Spectre have long since distanced themselves from the JSA. Three of the remaining six (Starman, Sandman, Johnny Thunder) have all gone into complete retirement due to the effect of advanced age. The other three, Wildcat, The Flash and the Green Lantern, have retained some degree of youth and activity.

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