Return to Prominence (1960-1985)

Except for the aforementioned heroes, most members of the JSA remained in retirement for nearly a decade. In the early 1960's, some members again became active when the criminal activities of the Reaper, drew such attention that Alan Scott again assumed the mantle of the Green Lantern. Severely injured in the ensuing battle, Lantern was recovered by his JSA who comrades who again assumed their costumed identities to unsuccessfully track the Reaper (Secret Origins vol. 2, #50). Coincidentally, 3 arch-enemies of the Flash, the Thinker, The Fiddler and the Shade used a device constructed by the Fiddler to render the inhabitants of Keystone City comatose and to set up a resonant wave across the globe that caused the memory of Keystone to be eliminated. The Flash of Earth-1 (Barry Allen) followed the signal of the resonator to Earth-2 and following the revival of the Flash of Earth-2 (Jay Garrick), defeated the criminals and returned Keystone to normal (Flash #123, retconned in Secret Origins #50). In 1963, Vandal Savage, an immortal adversary of the JSA captured several active members. Again the Flash of Earth-1 intervened and with the aid of Jay Garrick, defeated Savage. The JSA members then decided that it would be wise to reform the JSA and hold regular meetings again (Flash #137).

Within a few months, the Justice Society had restored the full strength of its membership and was again battling crime on Earth-2. When criminal elements of both Earth-1 and Earth-2 combined to assault their heroic adversaries, the Justice League of America (JLA) combined forces with the JSA to defeat them (JLA #21, 22). This was the beginning of annual gatherings of the JLA and JSA. During these gatherings the two teams often explored the dimensional nature of the various earths over the years, discovering Earth-3 (home of the Crime Syndicate, JLA #29,30), Earth-X (home of the Freedom Fighters, JLA #107,108) Earth-Prime (home of "regular people", JLA #123,124) and Earth-S (home of the Marvel Family, JLA #135,136,137). The also joined forces with a number of other heroes through the travel of time and space, including the Seven Soldiers of Victory (JLA #100,101,102), the Legion of Super-Heroes (JLA #147,148), a gathering of American Historical Heroes (JLA #159,160), the New Gods of Genesis (JLA #183,184,185), and the All-Star Squadron (JLA #207,208,209).

The JSA also added 5 new members to its ranks over the years since its revival. During an early team-up, the adult Robin of Earth-2, former sidekick of Batman, joined the Justice Society as Batman had before him (JLA #55,56). A criminal from Earth-1, T.O. Morrow journeyed to Earth-2 and created a mechanical android to infiltrate and destroy the Justice Society and Justice League during one of their annual meetings. This android, the Red Tornado, rebelled and subsequently joined the JSA (JLA #64,65). During the 1970's, the JSA briefly entered an incarnation as the Super Squad. During this phase, Superman's Kryptonian cousin Power Girl and former Soldier of Victory Star Spangled Kid (a.k.a. Skyman) joined the ranks (All-Star Comics #58). Finally, following the death of her mother, Helena Wayne used her father's (Bruce Wayne - Batman) gear to form a costumed identity for herself as the Huntress. She joined the Justice Society shortly thereafter (All-Star Comics #70).

Sadly, a greater number of JSA members have fallen in the cause of justice. The first to do so was the Black Canary in a battle with an angry star-god, Aquarius (JLA #74, revealed in flashback of JLA #220). This story was later retconned such that Black Canary survived the initial battle but died years later of cancer from the radiation exposure. Later, Bill Jensen, empowered by the sorcerer Frederic Vaux, slew the Batman of Earth-2 (Adventure Comics #462) in a battle atop a Gotham skyscraper. Shortly thereafter, the Spirit King possessed the body of the Flash of Earth-2 and stowed away to a JLA/JSA meeting. Catching the hero alone, the Spirit King emerged from the Flash's body and strangled Mr. Terrific (JLA #171). During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, both Robin and the Huntress were slain trying to save some children from being crushed to death. The conclusion of the Crisis compressed all the histories of all the Earth's into one and eliminated any "redundancies" in characters. As a result, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin and the Huntress are thought to have never existed (Crisis on Infinite Earths #12).
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