Golden Age Appearances of Doctor Mid-Nite

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Issue Cover Appearance? Comment Reprinted In
All-American #25 No (no title) - Origin and 1st Appearance, I: Myra Mason, Hooty, vs. "Killer" Maroni Justice League of America #95, JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #26 No (no title) - vs. River Pirate Gang, exposes crooked politician Merton Marlow JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #27 No (no title) - captures "Gallows" Gallagher JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #28 No (no title) - vs. gangsters, hijacking a plane full of gold JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #29 No (no title) - prevents group, the Cobras, from framing and lynching a labor leader JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #30 No (no title) - foils crooks sabotaging a mine
All-American #31 No (no title) - breaks up gang fleecing people with a phony séance
All-American #32 No (no title) - breaks up spy-ring
All-American #33 No (no title) - vs. the Napola gang trying to steal a Chinese urn for Sun Sen
All-American #34 No (no title) - exposes a crooked physician
All-American #35 No (no title) - captures crooks extorting a mayoral candidate
All-American #36 No (no title) - a murderer bamboozles the sister of a fellow parolee by switching places with her brother
All-American #37 No (no title) - defeats foreign agents striking at the American Defense Effort
All-American #38 No (no title) - breaks up a quack's phony medicine racket
All-American #39 No (no title) - captures Steve Fink, a gangster threatening a movie crew over a film ridiculing gangsters
All-American #40 No (no title), captures Nazi agents
All-American #41 No (no title), capture traitors and Japanese agents
All-American #42 No (no title), captures Nazi agents
All-American #43 No (no title), stop saboteurs at an American defense factory
All-American #44 No "The Night has 1,000 Eyes" - stops crooks from killing police informant
All-American #45 No (no title) - rescues miners caught in cave-in and apprehends man behind the disaster
All-American #46 No "The Half-Pint Policeman" - son avengers father's death at the hands of "Monk" Naddo
All-American #47 No (no title) - exposes phony caveman trying to frighten away tourists
All-American #48 No "The Mystery of Gamwell's Home for the Blind" - captures counterfeiters at home for the blind
All-American #49 No "The Clock Strikes Twelve"- a suitor of Myra Mason's gets involved with crime and is bailed out by Dr. Mid-Nite
All-American #50 No "The Beggar King" - vs. "Hobble", a kid who was turned to crime by an abusive father, but cured by Dr Mid-Nite
All-American #51 No "The City of Silent Night" - In a visit to Keystone City, captures a criminal using a silencing device during crimes
All-American #52 No "The Aging Death" - captures crooks using a metabolizer device to speed up aging
All-American #53 No "Caught by Coincidence" - captures Dwight, a submarine saboteur
All-American #54 No "The Man Who Defeated Death" - Dr. Mid-Nite is shrunk to miniature size to kill germs in a man's body
All-American #55 No "The Riddle of the Blazing Dummy" - captures "Three Fingers" Domigan
All-American #56 No "The Tale of the Black Rain" -vs. The Cloud, a criminal who has learned a way to make the sky rain black ink to cover his crimes
All-American #57 No "The Man Who Bought Shadows" - vs. Shade, a crook using a scheme swindle people after "buying" their shadow
All-American #58 No "Limericks vs. Larceny" - criminals kidnap writer to win rhyme contest
All-American #59 No "Banana Peels and Crooked Heels" - crook sets up fruit stand near jewelry store, robs it and hides jewels in fruit
All-American #60 No "The Man Who Spoke in Whispers" - Crooks terrorize a bank teller
All-American #61 No "The Man with Two Lives"- helps criminal Barton reform via "memory surgery"
All-American #62 No "The Man Who Feared Guns"- helps policeman afraid of firearms
All-American #63 No (no title), - helps reform the McCartney brothers and the youngest of which to become an honest physician
All-American #64 No "The Color of Crime" -  clears an aging color-blind of murder
All-American #65 No "The Curse of the Baleful Banshee"-  vs. The Baleful Banshee, a criminal minstrel
All-American #66 No "The Walking Bomb", vs. Mr. Nitro, a criminal who drinks nitroglycerin and threatens to explode if anyone opposes him
All-American #67 No "Excursion to Excitement"- riverboat trip changes lives of gangster, businessmen
All-American #68 No "The Curse of the Caliphs"- exposes phony rajah
All-American #69 No "The Fisherman's Folly" - vs. Kurt Hartmann, an angling crook
All-American #70 No "Poor Pablo" -  On vacation in Mexico, Dr. Mid-Nite helps a famous bandit's son avoid a life of crime
All-American #71 No "Words of Wisdom", helps former youth gang member settle up with former pals
All-American #72 No "Drama in the Dark", vs. Cannon Cane and Torpedo Tolin
All-American #73 No "The Valley of the City Of Gold", investigates mystery of city that all who see it die
All-American #74 No "The House Where Things Went Wrong", captures nephew spooking elderly aunt and uncle to rob them
All-American #75 No "Gamblers of the Gridiron", captures Slim & Henchmen
All-American #76 No “Man with Long Distance Eyes” – Crooks exploit Regis Morgan after he developed telescopic vision.
All-American #77 No "The Cardboard Hero" - helps Eddie Vickers
All-American #78 No "Holiday from Healing"- helps Fred Vincent, a hypochondriac
All-American #79 No "Cracked Ice", vs. Ice Ingram, the diamond thief
All-American #80 No "Pay Dirt", helps out farmer bamboozles by crooks about gold mine
All-American #81 No "Say It With Flowers", Solves crime of man trying to frame a niece to improve his lot in the uncle's will
All-American #82 No "Dr. Mid-Nite and Dr. Light", I: Dr. Light, vs. Dr. Light
All-American #83 No "Bad Blood Between Brothers", resolves the Morton brothers' family feud
All-American #84 No "The Tunnel That Couldn't Be Finished" - vs. crooks sabotaging tunnels
All-American #85 No "Accidents on Order", movie studio sabotage
All-American #86 No "Cue for Death" -  vs. Lewis, murders actors
All-American #87 No "How Dr. Mid-Nite Captured Big-Shot Barnes"-  gangster Big-Shot Barnes tries to killed McNider for writing about him.
All-American #88 No "The Tarantula unmasks Dr. Mid-Nite" -  vs. The Tarantula DC 100-Page Spectacular #20
All-American #89 No "Out of this World" -  vs. Dr. Light
All-American #90 No (no title), a "Twilight Zone" type tale in which a ghost (?) gets Dr. Mid-Nite to solve his murder
All-American #91 No "The Crime Flowers", vs. Dr. Light
All-American #92 No "Seconds to Live", McNider poisoned but thwarts criminals anyway.
All-American #93 No "The Village That Time Forgot", a mystic mist takes Dr. Mid-Nite back in time to defeat the Black Baronet and save Avonshire
All-American #94 No "Murder by Accident", thwarts rodeo takeover
All-American #95 No "How Dr. Mid-Nite defeated Boss King", vs. Boss King
All-American #96 No "The Unsinkable Bandits", vs. crooks in a submersible automobile
All-American #97 No "The Doctor Takes A Walk", defeats various gangsters in time to meet a publication deadline
All-American #98 No "The Strange Case of the Sky-Raider", vs. Sky Raider, a felon in a Eskimo parka driving a flying dog sled
All-American #99 No "The Laughing Crooks" - foils a gang of gimmicky crooks from robbing a night club
All-American #100 No "The Man Who Lived in a Boot"- vs. crooks operating out of a Vegas style hotel shaped like a boot
All-American #101 No "The Case of the Talking Shadows" - breaks up The Great Ludwig's theft ring using silhouettes Detective #445
All-American #102 No "The Saboteurs of Science"- vs. Revelk and gang

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