Golden Age Dr. Fate Merchandise

(Note: Attention is focused on the Kent Nelson version as discernable)

Action Figures

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The very first Dr. Fate Action Figure from the Super-Powers Collection

The DC Direct Action Figure of Dr. Fate (With removable helm)

The Dr. Fate Pocket Hero

Dr. Fate appearance's on JLU got him a an action figure

The Dr. Fate of Earth-21 (New Frontier Earth) got an action figure fairly representative of his Earth-2 counterpart.


In the webmaster's opinion, the best and most faithful action figure to date is Mattel's version from Wave 8 of DC Universe Classics.


Dr. Fate paired with Wotan in a collector's set for the Batman - Brave and the Bold cartoon series.


Printed Materials







The Alex Ross Poster of Dr. Fate


Dr. Fate and his arsenal are regular contributors to licensed card-based role-playing games.


The Golden Age Doctor Fate Archives is a done-in-one collection of all his solo adventures in More Fun #55-98. With the All-Star Comics Archives also being complete, all of Fate's Golden Age Appearances are now available from DC's collected editions program.

You can buy this from and its associated seller (U.S. version) by following this link






Media Appearances

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Dr. Fate made the transition to mainstream media in the Superman:The Animated Series Episode "The Hand of Fate". He also appeared in the Justice League episode "The Terror Beyond". He was a frequent guest and background character when the JLA when global in Justice League Unlimited.

Dr. Fate appears as a charcter in the role-playing game DC Universe Online

In the new Brave and the Bold series, Dr. Date teams up with the Batman in the teaser lead of "The Eyes of Despero" battling his arch-nemesis Wotan (the villain's first appearance off the printed page).


Doctor Fate as he appears on the CW's "Smallville"

Elderly Kent Nelson passes on the helm of Nabu to the Zatara on Young Justice.

Doctor Fate appears in the second edition of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Game









DC has threatened for several years to release a prop based on some variation of Dr. Fate's Helm and Amulet. These have yet to see the inside of a comics shop.


A JLU Doctor Fate inspired Paperweight

The latter Golden Age version (or a variant of a recent one) showed up in the Heroclix line of toys.


The Dr. Fate PVC peice from JSA Series II