The Martian Manhunter

Story Title Originally in: Reprinted In:
Brave and the Bold #50 "Wanted: The Capsule Master", w/ Green Arrow, vs. super-powered criminals impersonating "Martians" Brave and the Bold #114
Brave and the Bold #56 "The Raid of the Mutant Muraders", w/ Flash and Hawkgirl, vs. Aliens imitating fusions of JLA members Brave and the Bold #112
Detective #225 "The Strange Experiment of Dr. Erdel" - I: J'onn Jon'zz, the Manhunter from Mars, I: Professor Erdel, O: Martian Manhunter, D: Professor Erdel, I:Robot Brain, assumes the identity of John Jones and joins the police force Secret Origins #1 (1961), World's Finest #175, World's Finest #226, Silver Age Classics reprints Detective #225
Detective #226 "The Case of the Magic Baseball" - Rounds up the Devon gang (does not appear in costume) World's Finest #176, World's Finest #226
Detective #227 "The Man with 20 Lives" - brings in killer Monte Fisk Best of DC Digest #30
Detective #228 "Escape to the Stars" The Greatest 1950's Stories Ever Told
Detective #229 "The Phantom Bodyguard" - Protects a millionare from murder (Only appears as martian briefly to scare sharks)
Detective #230 "The Sleuth without a Clue" - Must solve case without powers, suggests that rays from Mars account for his abilitires (does not appear in costume)
Detective #231 "The Thief Who Had Super-Powers" - Captures an escaped criminal from Mars (does not appear in costume)
Detective #232
Detective #233 "The Ghost From Outer Space" - Use shape-changing powers to haunt a gang of crooks (does not appear in costume)
Detective #234
Detective #235 "The World's Greatest Magician" -solves circus crimes disguised as a stage magician (does not appear in costume)
Detective #236 "The Great Earth-Mars Mystery" - Communicates with Mars for first time, father appears
Detective #237
Detective #238 "Earth Detective for a Day" - A comet deprives Jon'zz of his powers, forcing him to catch a crook as Jones (does not appear in costume)
Detective #239 "Ordeal by Fire" - A series of short cases in which Jones must deal with fire, his main weakness (Only briefly in martian form)
Detective #240 "The Hero Maker" - helps a fellow cop get one headliner arrest before he retires
Detective #241 "The Impossible Manhunt" - vs. Craig Smith a serial bomber/arsonist destroying places named "Jones"
Detective #242 "The Thirty Fathom Sleuth" - Jon'zz must recover evidence dropped in the ocean
Detective #243 "The Criminal From Outer Space" - vs. the alien Tor who possess a local gangster (does not appear in costume)
Detective #244 "The Four Stunts of Doom" - Jones uses his martian powers to help out a director friend (does not appear in costume)
Detective #245
Detective #246 I: Diane Meade
Detective #247 "The Impossible Messages" - breaks up a ring of smugglers guided by tourist planes
Detective #248 "The Martian Without A Memory" - An accident makes John Jones forget that he is J'onn Jon'zz
Detective #249 "Target for A Day" - disguises himself the governor after the execution of a gang leader
Detective #250 "The Stymied Sleuth" - capture the Ganges gang after a radium heist
Detective #251 "Alias Mr. Zero" - Jones infiltrates a gang of art theives as 'Mr. Zero'
Detective #252 "The Menace of the Super-Weapons" - defeats criminals with vibrational technology (only briefly in costume)
Detective #253
Detective #254 "One-Man Army" - thwarts the schemes of criminal using miltary strategy
Detective #255 "The World Wide Manhunt" - Jon'zz tracks the globe to find a witness and save an innocent condemned man
Detective #256 "The Carnival of Doom" - frightens criminals into the arms of the cops in a tunnel ride at the carnival
Detective #257 "King of the Underworld" - Jones pretends to quit the force and join the mob to expose criminals (remains invisible)
Detective #258 "The Jinxed Ship" - helps out new ship captain against saboteurs
Detective #259 "The Getaway King" - I: Monty Moran, the Getaway Genius, vs. the Getaway Genious
Detective #260 "John Jones' Super Secret" - Surreptitiously helps fellow cop find confidence
Detective #261 "The Midget Manhunter" - J'onn Jon'zz defeats scientist with shrinking ray
Detective #262
Detective #263 "The Crime Conjurer" - vs. The Conjurer, a villain using stage magic in his crimes
Detective #264 "The Menace of the Martian Weapons" - crooks find Martian weapons from a space craft and start a crime wave
Detective #265 "The Fantastic Human Falcon"-  vs. the Falcon
Detective #266 "The Challenge of the Masked Avenger" - a lovesick circus performer gets the idea to win his love's heart by assuming a costumed identity and the Manhunter must keep him from killing himself
Detective #267 "J'onn Jon'zz Farewell to Earth" -When visitors from Jupiter arrive to pursue an escaped convict, Jon'zz is tempted to hitch a ride home
Detective #268 "The Mixed Up Martian Powers" - A flaming meteor causes Jon'zz to develop alternative versions of his powers
Detective #269 "The Man Who Exposed Jones Jones" -  A blackmailer extorts Jones when Jones thinks his secret identity has been compromised
Detective #270 "The Hunted Martian"- catches crook while disguised as game hunter
Detective #271 "The Lost Identity" - criminals accidentally "lock" Jones in his Martian form when they steal Erdel's Robot Brain from a museum
Detective #272 "The Super Sleuth's Bodyguard"- lets partner defeat criminals while he assists secretly
Detective #273 "The Unmasking of J'onn Jon'zz" - When the Martian criminal B'rett arrives on Earth, the Martian Manhunter is forced to go public with his existence
Detective #274 "The Human Flame"-  vs. the Human Flame (guy with built in blow torches)
Detective #275
Detective #276 "The Crimes of John Jones" -Criminals take advantage of the Martian Manhunter's amnesia to get him to commit crimes
Detective #277 "The Menace of Mr. Moth" - vs. Mr. Moth
Detective #278
Detective #279 "The Impossible Inventions" - Trailing a crook is hampered by a well-meaning but dangerous inventor named Hiram Horner
Detective #280 "Bodyguard to a Bandit" - A witness tries to get to jail to avoid a vengeful criminal
Detective #281 "The Menace of Marsville" - Thwarts crooks at "martian" exhibit
Detective #282 "The Girl with Martian Powers" - Fakes super-powers in Diane to scare off crooks threatening her life
Detective #283 "The Amazing One-Man Crew" - foils a plot to ruin a ship's captain
Detective #284 "The Courtship of J'onn Jon'zz" - Diane Meade decides to court her detective partner
Detective #285 "Menace of the Martian Mandrills" - vs. apes from Mars
Detective #286 "His Majesty, John Jones" - A small European nation names Jones to replace a missing heir to the throne
Detective #287 "J'onn Jon'zz Kid Brother" - Jon'zz's brother T'omm is accidentally snagged by the Robot Brain, I: T'omm  
Detective #288 "The Case of the Honest Swindler" - Crooks trick a friend of the Manhunters with phony magic devices 
Detective #289 "J'onn Jon'zz - Witch Doctor" - thwarts crooks threatening a tribe of African natives
Detective #290 "Lights, Camera ....Doom!" - When Diane takes a job as a stunt girl to catch a saboteur, the Manhunter must keep a watchful eye
Detective #291
Detective #292 "The Ex-Convicts Club" - breaks up reunion of crooks including the Human Squirrel
Detective #293 "The Girl-Hero Contest" - works behind the scenes to help Diane and Sally in a police heroine contest
Detective #294
Detective #295 "The Martian Show-Off" - stages spectacular feats to impress "author" who is actually a kidnapper
Detective #296 "The Alien Bodyguard" - captures crooks while quietly tailing Diane
Detective #297 "J'onn Jon'zz vs. the Vigilantes" - thwarts citizens who form a self-appointed lawmen group
Detective #298 "The Man Who Impersonated J'onn Jon'zz" - Helps an aspiring actor who plays him in stage shows
Detective #299 "Bodyguard for a Spy" - Jones tails a Princess to expose an espionage ring
Detective #300 "The J'onn Jon'zz Museum" - defeats crooks who figure out his weakness to fire after a trip th the museum
Detective #301 "The Mystery of the Martian Marauders" - A scientist develops a machine that can contact Mars and it transports Martian criminals to Earth, Jon'zz briefly returns to Mars to stop them
Detective #302
Detective #303
Detective #304 "The Crime College" - dismantles Professor Proxon's educational program for criminals
Detective #305 "J'onn Jon'zz vs. Futureman" - vs. a criminal martian, B'enn Brn'zz, from the year 2062
Detective #306 "Last Days of J'onn Jon'zz" - meteorite temporarily causes power loss when a criminal with a menagerie of giant robot animals goes on a crime spree
Detective #307 "Alias Scarface Scanlon" - Jones breaks up a ring of criminal helping crooks escape by infiltrating it
Detective #308 "The Day John Jones Vanished" - Jon'zz has a power aberration while on a case in the European nation of Lavonia
Detective #309 "The Man Who Saved Earth" - Jon'zz disguised himself as an ordinary human that aliens kidnap to determine the feasibility of invading Earth
Detective #310 "The Miniature Manhunter" - vs. Victor Vance who shrinks Jon'zz to miniature size
Detective #311 "The Invaders from the Space Warp" - defeats alien ivnaders from a parallel dimension, I:Zook, J'onn's alien companion
Detective #312 "J'onn Jon'zz's Pesky Partner" - vs. Doc Duggan and gang, Zook learns Manhunter's secret identity
Detective #313 "The Wizard Who Conquered J'onn Jon'zz" - vs. a elusive gang leader who has discovered an ancient wand
Detective #314 "J'onn Jon'zz vs. John Jones" - vs. an escaped Saturnian criminal
Detective #315 "The Man of 1,000 disguises" - vs. Porto, a thief and master of disguise
Detective #316 "The Bandits with Super-Powers" -An alien meteorite gives 3 common criminal super-powers
Detective #317 "Challenge of the Alien Robots!" - thwarts criminal Jasper Dowds when he goes on a crime spree with recovered alien robots
Detective #318 "J'onn Jon'zz enemy - Zook!"- vs. amnesiac Zook and gangsters
Detective #319 "J'onn Jon'zz" - Wizard of 1463" - Travels back in time for medieval adventure
Detective #320 "The Case of the Golden Eagle" - thwarts a phone French police officers attempt to steal a French objet d'art
Detective #321
Detective #322
Detective #323
Detective #324 "The Beast That Was J'onn Jon'zz" - The Manhunter gets stuck in the form of a monster
Detective #325
Detective #326 "The Death of John Jones, Detective",  - The Manhunter stages the demise of his secret identity to pursue the mysterious artifact known as the Idol-Head of Diabolu, I: Idol-Head of Diabolu
House of Mystery #143 "The Giant-Maker"- Idol-Head of Diabolu turns beings into wild giants and frees the sorcerer Malador
House of Mystery #144 "The Weird World of Gilgana",- Idol-Head of Diabolu creates portal to the world of Gilgana
House of Mystery #145
House of Mystery #146
House of Mystery #147 "The Orchestra of Doom" - Idol-Head of Diabolu creates criminal musical instruments
House of Mystery #148 "The Beings in the Color Rings" - Idol-Head of Diabolu unleases creature that "steals" color
House of Mystery #149
House of Mystery #150
House of Mystery #151
House of Mystery #152 "Iwangis - Creature King" - Idol-Head of Diabolu sends a monster that can animate statuary
House of Mystery #153 "The Giants Who Slept 1,000,000 Years" - vs. Professor Hugo
House of Mystery #154
House of Mystery #155
House of Mystery #156
House of Mystery #157
House of Mystery #158
House of Mystery #159
House of Mystery #160 assumes identity of presumed-dead playboy Marco Xavier
House of Mystery #161
House of Mystery #162
House of Mystery #163
House of Mystery #164
House of Mystery #165
House of Mystery #166
House of Mystery #167
House of Mystery #168
House of Mystery #169
House of Mystery #170
House of Mystery #171
House of Mystery #172
House of Mystery #173 Discovers that "Faceless", the leader of Vulture is the real Marco Xavier

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