Issue Cover Appearance? Comment Reprinted In
Big All-American Comic #1 Yes "Wildcat Meets the Kidder" - vs. The Kidder, who bases crimes on practical jokes DC Rarities Archives #1
Comic Cavalcade #1 No "Crime Takes the Count" - solves kidnapping case  Comic Cavalcade Archives #1
Comic Cavalcade #2 No "The Story Behind the Bellyache" - thwarts "Eats" Daly's effort to frame "Sock" Smith Comic Cavalcade Archives #1
Sensation #1 No "This is the Story of Wildcat" - 1st Appearance, Origin Secret Origins #3 (1973), Famous First Editions #3, The Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told, Sensation Comics #1 Millenium Edition, JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #2 No "Who is Wildcat?" - Ted Grant becomes boxing champ, vs. Barney, Wiley and gang JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #3 No "The Case of the Phantom Killers" - vs. Purple Mask Gang JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #4 No "Introducing Stretch Skinner"- I:Stretch Skinner, vs. Gile and Hogg DC 100-Page Spectacular #14, JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #5 No (no title) - vs. gambling ring that murders another fighter JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #6 No "The Laughing Ghost Inn" - thwarts a crook masquerading as an inn keeper and playing up the "Laughing Pirate" ghost legend
Sensation #7 No (no title) - vs. Gambling Joe and gang
Sensation #8 No (no title) - vs. Harry Ranson, a corrupt fire commissioner
Sensation #9 No (no title), vs. Ricco Donnato
Sensation #10 No "The Story of Caveman"-  vs. Caveman
Sensation #11 No (no title) - vs. disgraced fighter "Blitzy" Berlin
Sensation #12 No (no title) - helps Stretch's efforts to become a prize fighter
Sensation #13 No (no title) - vs. Buzzard and Lars Lane, loses the title
Sensation #14 No "He's Going to Knock Himself Out!" - regains the title by fighting himself
Sensation #15 No (no title) - helps Joe Jarett, an inventor who falls afoul of crooks
Sensation #16 No "The Headless Horseman of Central Park"- vs. crook masquerading as The Headless Horseman
Sensation #17 No "Case of the Half-Finished Tie" - breaks up a fraud racket
Sensation #18 No "Second Chance"- vs. "Second" Chance, a gangster
Sensation #19 No (no title), helps sister to reform dead brother's business when she finds out he was a criminal
Sensation #20 No "The Sting of the Yellow Wasp", I:Yellow Wasp, vs. The Yellow Wasp
Sensation #21 No "The Man You Won't Forget" - helps ex-con get a full pardon so he can join the Army
Sensation #22 No "In Old Mexico" - vs. gold thieves while on vacation in Mexico
Sensation #23 No "The Vanished Suitors" - vs. crooks after a radium mine
Sensation #24 No "Heads or Tails, You Lose!" - vs. crooked gambling ring at Dale University
Sensation #25 No "The Return of the Yellow Wasp" - vs. the Yellow Wasp
Sensation #26 No "The Rise of Bigfist Conlin" - helps contender go straight
Sensation #27 No "Down Goes the Wildcat" - Burglars accidentally give Wildcat amnesia but he recovers in time to send them to jail
Sensation #28 No "The Key to the Treasure"- vs. unidentified criminals  
Sensation #29 No "Brains Behind the Crimes" - Stretch writes a crime column that gives crooks ideas
Sensation #30 No "The Boxer and his Brother" - defeats man trying to sell out his brothers attempts at boxing and music
Sensation #31 No "The Case of the Corn Corners Cow Killers" - solves a case in Stretch's home town, which changes it's name to Skinnerville
Sensation #32 No "A Dinner With Skinner" - solves crime at Stretch's uncle's diner
Sensation #33 No (no title) - captures former racketeer turned mayor using his office for crime
Sensation #34 No "The Saga of Craven City" - captures crook disguised as leopard in a city of cowards
Sensation #35 No "The Eyes Have It"- vs. Evil Eye Optic and his men
Sensation #36 No "She was no lady" - pursues a crook disguised as an old woman while Stretch deals with his Uncle Gadget's robot
Sensation #37 No "Wildcat and the Would-Be Dictator!" - puts an end to the corrupt government of Seelyville 
Sensation #38 No "Meet Mr. Waffles" - A slanted and likely apocryphal tale narrated by Stretch Skinner
Sensation #39 No "From Stretch Skinner's Secret Files", helps Stretch safe guard South American jewel from thieves
Sensation #40 No "The Greatest Show on Earth!" - fights the Mystery Mob 
Sensation #41 No "The Texas Terror" - vs. corrupt cowboys
Sensation #42 No "The Hayville Hobby-Horse!" Wildcat fights Big Boy Davis and a gang of local yokels in a hick town.
Sensation #43 No "The Man Who Worked for Nothing!!" - Stretch gets 3 wishes from a mysterious man and ends up foiling an orphanage robbery.
Sensation #44 No "Case of the Seasick Captain", A ship captain recounts the tale of how the excitement of Wildcat vs. Charlie Glom alleviated his sea-sickness
Sensation #45 No "Read This and Weep", captures the Muscle Thugs
Sensation #46 No "The Dummy" Wildcat battles Echo, an insane ventriloquist who thinks the world is out to get him. 
Sensation #47 No "The Case of the Pitiful Crook"-  Crook allergic to valuables
Sensation #48 No "Thru Darkest Africa with Stretch Skinner"- recovers jewel from African tribe
Sensation #49 No "Tale of a Tomcat"- Skinner as the foolish "Tom-Cat"
Sensation #50 No "Behind the Fate Ball" - Captures crooks behind a phony fortune teller racket
Sensation #51 No "Hawkins of Hicksville"- crooks commit crimes while police box but Wildcat foils their racket
Sensation #52 No "Command Performance" - thwarts crooks at opera house
Sensation #53 No "Ride to Glory" -Prevents crime at a horse race
Sensation #54 No "The Thugs who outsmarted themselves" - vs. common crooks
Sensation #55 No "Crime Before the Camera" - captures would be murderer on movie set
Sensation #56 No "Music hath Harms" - vs. Jewel thieves on movie set
Sensation #57 No "Heroes Without Headlines" - captures Big Boy Madden
Sensation #58 No "Chivalry Doesn't Pay" - foils bank robbers
Sensation #59 No "Caught Stealing" - captures Joe Fuhl gang
Sensation #60 No "Marvello the mind-reader" -  helps ex-con mentalist resist extortion
Sensation #61 No "On The Prowl" - thwarts crime at circus
Sensation #62 No "The Hotel That Ran Wild" - Skinner inherits hotel
Sensation #63 No "Adventure at Sunset" - helps an old man find a silver mine
Sensation #64 No "Trapped in Time" - visits Arthurian Days with an elixir from a mysterious dwarf
Sensation #65 No "The Last Round" - thugs promote boxing kangaroo show to distract spectators as they commit crimes
Sensation #66 No "The Wasp's Nest"- vs. Yellow Wasp Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Super-Villains #6
Sensation #67 No "The Terror of Stone Mountain" - vs. nameless villain with Magnetizer weapon
Sensation #68 No (no title) - I: The Huntress
Sensation #69 No "Follow the Leader"- vs. The Huntress
Sensation #70 No "The Ghost Galleon" - vs. ship full of Pirate Ghosts
Sensation #71 No "The Count That Never Ended" - vs. The Huntress DC 100-Page Spectacular #20
Sensation #72 No (no title) - vs. King Leo, who uses animals to commit crimes
Sensation #73 No "Murder Masquerade" - vs. the Huntress
Sensation #74 No "The Scythe That Reaped Time"-  vs. Father Time
Sensation #75 No "The Snare That Backfired!"- vs. the Huntress
Sensation #76 No "The Wildcat Ride"- vs. the Huntress
Sensation #77 No "The Snow Queen's Necklace" - prevents thieves from taking jewels at a Winter Carnival
Sensation #78 No "Wooden Nickels and Canceled Stamps" - jails Professor Zork and his counterfeiting ring
Sensation #79 No "The Walking Corpse"- clears the name of his protégé, Kid Hart
Sensation #80 No "Menace of Sound" - stops Rex Velon from committing crimes with ultrasonics
Sensation #81 No "The Man Who Was Tops" - solves Hanover Bank robbery
Sensation #82 No "Invitation to Danger" - captures a criminal impersonating a reclusive socialite
Sensation #83 No "The Strange Gibson Case" - clears name of local clerk and rescues clerk's son
Sensation #84 No "The Monkey's Circle" - crooks w/ monkey Justice League of America #96
Sensation #85 No "The Secret Mine" - crooks scam an old miner until Wildcat intervenes
Sensation #86 No "The Gymnasium Robberies"- defeats gang looting gym for hidden jewels
Sensation #87 No "The Gilded Man" - recovers diamond with sculptor's help
Sensation #88 No "The Apple and the Core" - vs. gambling smugglers
Sensation #89 No "Log book of the S.S. Explorer" - helps World Explorers Society
Sensation #90 No "The Mystery of Cell 17" - captures gang of would-be counterfeiters

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