Mr. Terrific

Issue Cover Appearance? Comment Reprinted In
Big All-American Comic #1 Yes "Models for Crime" - rescues toy maker from crooks
Sensation #1 No (no title) -1st Appearance, I: Wanda Wilson, vs. Big Shot Famous First Editions #3, Sensation Comics #1 Millenium Edition, JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #2 No (no title) - saves boy's home from foreclosure JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #3 No (no title) - uncovers political fraud in Santa Flora JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #4 No (no title) - helps a school chum break up the protection racket of Dapper Joe and company JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #5 No (no title) - breaks up gambling ring JSA All-Stars Archives #1
Sensation #6 No (no title) - breaks up a confidence racket
Sensation #7 No (no title) - foils graft in a public food program
Sensation #8 No (no title)- vs. a crooked carnival
Sensation #9 No (no title) - captures "Ferret" McGee, a crooked detective
Sensation #10 No (no title) - thwarts crooks at Indianapolis raceway
Sensation #11 No (no title) - vs. Nazis in Maine
Sensation #12 No (no title) - vs. Mr. Laff, a crook basing crimes on practical jokes
Sensation #13 No (no title) - vs. Terry Savatte, a crooked former tap dancer
Sensation #14 No "Framed" - clears Wanda Wilson of murder
Sensation #15 No "Mr. Terrific Took A Vacation"
Sensation #16 No "The Case of the Unhappy Dog" - rescues a kid from a cruel guardian after the dog puts him wise 
Sensation #17 No "The Emperor's Millions" - thwarts a shyster seeking to bilk an emperor's heir 
Sensation #18 No "The Case of the Radio Robbers"- Cons try to get Mr. Terrific to record bond ads so they can commit robberies while he is on the radio
Sensation #19 No "I Quit" - breaks up a stock fraud racket
Sensation #20 No "The Masqueraders" - Terry Sloane impersonated
Sensation #21 No "The Case of the Bogus Baron"
Sensation #22 No (no title) - vs. crooks involve in boxing
Sensation #23 No (no title) - vs. crooks who try to subvert an old man's efforts to honor his fallen son
Sensation #24 No "A Symphony of Sock" - vs. crooks targeting a concert pianist
Sensation #25 No "Seeing is not Believing" - crooks invite victims to gambling den and then rob then until Mr. Terrific tracks them down
Sensation #26 No "The Puzzling Portraits" - vs. phony art collectors trying to scam art gallery
Sensation #27 No "Shadow on the Wall" - clears the name of Jim Cowley, a convict framed for murder
Sensation #28 No "The Fate of the Future" - vs. Black Barax, a would be dictator from the year 7532 A.D.
Sensation #29 No "The Man Who Could Make Diamonds" - rescues a scientist with a diamond making machine from criminals
Sensation #30 No "The Case of the Cat's Meow" - captures jewel thieves
Sensation #31 No "The Blindfold Test" - captures Nails Jackson, who tries to defeat the Mr. Terrific when the hero is blindfolded.
Sensation #32 No "The Secret of the Stolen Statue" - solves the murder of sculptor Grace Naylin
Sensation #33 No "The Magician Meets His Master" - captures crooked Swami
Sensation #34 No "Air Tight Alibi" - captures racketeer "King" Krug
Sensation #35 No "The Man Who Outsmarted Himself" - thwarts jewel thief who has stashed loot on a sunken boat
Sensation #36 No "The Builder of Crime"
Sensation #37 No "Lightning Strikes Twice!" rescues scientist Dr. Wilkin from his greedy nephew 
Sensation #39 No "The Boarder Who Forgot!" - develops amnesia but recovers to thwart criminal who fakes his own murder
Sensation #40 No "The Monster of Mudville" - fights Gorilla Ganty,  a timid druggist turned into a giant by contaminated water.
Sensation #41 No (no title) -  vs. gangsters
Sensation #42 No "Crime Goes to School!"  - breaks up a reform school that teaches delinquents to be real criminals. 
Sensation #43 No "The Crimes that Couldn't Work!" - a crime story writer acts out his crimes to prove they work 
Sensation #44 No "Crime on the Downbeat"- thwarts crooks who play a phonograph as a distraction while they commit crimes
Sensation #45 No "The Violent Violin" - thwarts theft of Maestro Allegro's violin
Sensation #46 No "Futile's Follies" - vs. Mr. Futile
Sensation #47 No "Wanda Wilson's Mistake" - Theft of Wanda's jewel box
Sensation #48 No "Losses Pay A Profit" - breaks up a swindling racket
Sensation #49 No "Tale of the Tattooed Eye!" - vs. Don Grieco the Hypnotist
Sensation #50 No "Mr. Terrific Goes to the Dogs" - rescues crippled girl with help from her dog
Sensation #51 No "Five Geniuses in Search of a Hobby!" - 5 talented guys get bored and begin to commit crimes to entertain themselves
Sensation #52 No "The Missing Composers" - capture kidnapped composers
Sensation #53 No "The Man With the Gun" - Hoods pin gun on former jurist
Sensation #54 No "The Face of Shen San" - foils thefts by son of former archeologists trying to reconstruct an ancient jade necklace
Sensation #55 No (no title) - breaks up crooks infiltrating detective school
Sensation #56 No "The Boy Who Had No Friends" - helps neglected son avoid a life of crime
Sensation #57 No "The Wonderful Algy" - vs crooks pursuing author
Sensation #58 No "The Book of Alibis"
Sensation #59 No "The Most Honest Man In Town" - Reforms Pop Crock and Slash Gates
Sensation #60 No "The Good Deed" - foils jewels thieves posing as philanthropists 
Sensation #61 No "Give 'Em The Bird" - A vaudeville trained penguin helps Mr. Terrific captures crooks
Sensation #62 No "The Man Who Remembered Too Much" - vs. Dr. I.M. Smart, scammer
Sensation #63 No "A Juror Disappears" - busts a gangster for jury tampering

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