The Golden Age Checklist

The Golden Age Checklist is designed to provide a detailed list of the appearances of several Golden Age characters. This list will serve as reference for people wanting to collect each appearance of a given character, each of his major cover appearances or each of time the character fought a major (or not so major) adversary. Obviously, the list is far from complete and that's where you come in! Anybody with information on the Golden Age stories of these characters should send it to the Comics Archives. All assistance is gratefully accepted!

Members of the Justice Society


The Golden Age Atom

The Golden Age Batman

The Black Canary (National) [b]

Black Canary

Dr. Fate (National) [a]

Dr. Fate

Dr. Mid-Nite

The Golden Age Flash

The Golden Age Green Lantern

The Golden Age Hawkman


Johnny Thunder

Mr. Terrific

The Sandman (National) [f]


The Spectre (National)

The Spectre


The Golden Age Superman


The Golden Age Wonder Woman


The Seven Soldiers of Victory

The Crimson Avenger

Green Arrow (National)

The Golden Age Green Arrow

The Shining Knight

The Star-Spangled Kid

The Vigilante

The Seven Soldiers of Victory


The Heroes of Earth-X

The Black Condor

Doll Man


The Human Bomb

Invisble Justice [aka Hooded Justice, aka Invisible Hood] (Quality)

Invisible Hood

The Jester

Magno (Quality) [a]


Neon the Unknown *

Neon the Unknown

Phantom Lady

Plastic Man

The Ray (Quality)

The Ray

The Red Bee

Red Torpedo

The Spider

Uncle Sam

Other Golden Age Heroes

Air Wave

The Golden Age Aquaman

Captain Triumph

The Clock (Quality) [a]

The Clock

Dr. Occult

The Guardian

Johnny Quick

Liberty Belle


Mr. America/The Americommando

Quicksilver/Max Mercury


Sargon the Sorcerer

Tarantula (National)


Zatara (National)




Golden age stories that were never published (at least in the Golden Age)

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