The Atom

Issue Cover Appearance Comment Reprinted
All-American #19 No (no title) - First Appearance and Origin, I; Joe Morgan Secret Origins of DC Super-Heroes, - 1978, JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #20 No (no title) - First Appearance in Costume, thwarts jewelry thieves at a local ball JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #21 No (no title) - A crazed man and his brutish thugs kidnap a group of Calvin College students from a school picnic with the intention of enslaving them until he is thwarted by the Atom. JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #22 No (no title) - breaks up the Albano Gang as it extorts protection money from the family of "Truck" Tarbell  JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #23 No (no title) - vs. Nada, a crooked hypnotist who frames Joe Morgan JSA All-Stars Archives #1
All-American #24 No (no title) - "Slink" & his boss run a protection racket target at shoe-shine boys and other kids working the street Flashback #30
All-American #25 No (no title) - Earl Evans & gang (bank robbers) kidnap Mary James and hole up in body shop
All-American #26 No (no title) - breaks up a gambling ring extorting money from a Calvin College professor
All-American #27 No (no title) - clears the name of James Baker, framed for arson
All-American #28 No (no title) - 1st date with Mary James, vs. gang of fur hijackers
All-American #29 No (no title) - prevents sabotage at a local steel mill
All-American #30 No (no title) - while visiting Joe Morgan's health camp, the Atom foils graft at reform school
All-American #31 No (no title) - vs. escaped convicts while on vacation at dude ranch
All-American #32 No (no title) - defeats an attempt by criminals to revive the cult of Kali
All-American #33 No (not title) - vs. the Cootie gang which has stolen a metal-dissolving formula
All-American #34 No (no title) - breaks up ring of defense bond counterfeiters
All-American #35 No (no title) - while on a Christmas visit to New York, Atom thwarts an attempt by Nazi agents to blow up the Statue of Liberty
All-American #36 No (no title) - takes up baby-sitting job and then captures kidnappers who take the babies in his care
All-American #37 No (no title) - thwarts crooked car racket
All-American #38 No (no title) - captures Axis agents who murder an Army Intelligence Officer for some secret airplane schematics
All-American #39 No (no title) - captures gangsters disrupting egg and dairy commerce in Calvin City
All-American #40 No (no title) - vs. The Tusk, a costumed criminal avenging himself on his swindling business partners
All-American #41 No (no title) - captures an agent of the Japanese Black Dragon Society
All-American #42 No "Strange Case of the Disappearing Books" - solves theft of antique books
All-American #43 No "Carnival of Crime" - captures crooks at carnival
All-American #44 No "The Hungry Horse" - thwarts crooks stealing radium
All-American #45 No "The Gallant Gambler" - The Atom risks life to help gambler
All-American #46 No "The Little Men" - short men become terrorists to get respect
All-American #48 No (no title) - thwarts crime while looking for a summer job as a reporter
All-American #49 No "The Cowboy and the Atom" - captures crooks on a dude ranch
All-American #50 No "The Atom is Dead" - vs. Moustache Max
All-American #51 No "Guadzaloope Ball" - I: Perry Poodle, a classmate of Al's invents a baseball which he can control and falls afoul of crooks
All-American #52 No "The Loneliest Man in the World" - clears the name of a defrauded medical scientist
All-American #53 No "Colors and Crime" - captures crooks after a Hay Fever cure
All-American #54 No (no title) - disguises himself as a crook to infiltrate a gang
All-American #55 No "The Criminal Clocks" - thieves hide jewels in clocks
All-American #56 No "The Friendship Dance" - solves mystery at dance
All-American #57 No "The Atom vs. Nick Crock" - vs. Nick Crock
All-American #58 No "Gangsters, Girls and Guns" - captures Dude Hendrick, impresses sorority
All-American #59 No (no title) - helps college classmate when his guardian screws him out his inheritance
All-American #60 No (no title) - Basil & Boris, Novice criminals
All-American #61 No "Van Dorra's Box" - former safe-cracker's son is kidnapped and Atom must rescue the son and keep the father's name clear
All-American #70 No "The Education of Stacy Hogan" - teaches his cousin Stacy not to imitate criminals
All-American #71 No "Virtue Is It's Own Reward" - thwarts timber thieves and recovers a document written by George Washington 
All-American #72 No (no title) - vs. Boss, henchmen Slugger and Duke
Big All-American Comics #1 Yes "Putting on the Dog" - thwarts jewel thieves taking advantage of a dog lover DC Rarities Archives #1
Comic Cavalcade #22 No "The Bloodhound Compass" - bails out Perry Poodle after his new invention bring him into trouble with crooks
Comic Cavalcade #23 No "The Most Popular Hat in the World" - captures crooks smuggling gems in a hat
Comic Cavalcade #28 No "Mystery of the Midway Tunnel" - foils crooks sabotaging tunnel construction
Flash Comics #80 No "Jack and the Green Walk" - helps local kid get a job and thwart crime
Flash Comics #82 No "The Talking Statue" - vs. counterfeiters, A: Perry Poodle
Flash Comics #83 No "The Atom's Rest Cure" - solves crime at nightclub
Flash Comics #87 No "Al Pratt's Problem" - wraps up crime while struggling with college essay
Flash Comics #89 No "The Waltzing Crooks" - busts up crooks operating out of a dance studio
Flash Comics #90 No "Murder on a Star" - Man murders then impersonates sister DC 100-Page Spectacular #18
Flash Comics #91 No "Double Dilemma" - solves a frame job on the Atom
Flash Comics #92 No "Carnival of Crime" - solves crime at winter carnival
Flash Comics #93 No "The Mystery of the Cabinets" - vs. an impersonator of stage act Mandini the Magician
Flash Comics #94 No "Driveway for Crime" - thwarts bank robbers who have kidnapped Mary James and wired her to the bank alarm
Flash Comics #95 No "Mystery of the Smiling Balloons" - vs. crooks with a diamond magnet
Flash Comics #97 No "Winner Takes All" - thwarts crime at collegiate boat race
Flash Comics #98 No "Terror Rides the Rails" - New costume, stops railroad saboteurs Justice League of America #99
Flash Comics #99 No "Disaster at Hairpin Turn" - defeats criminal trying to spoil miniature auto race
Flash Comics #100 No "The Bullet-Eater" - helps scientist against crooks after a plastic ray
Flash Comics #102 No "The Sneezing Statues" - captures crooks disguised as statues
Flash Comics #103 No "The Rock Crushers" - captures crooks using a water truck filled with rocks to assist them in crime
Flash Comics #104 No "The Vanishing Lighthouse" - defeats crooks that ground ships then rob them
Sensation #86 No "The Undersea Raiders" - defeats scavengers trying to sink ships, wears his newer costume

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